Charging per-bedroom and not per-guest

As an Airbnb host of a two-bedroom rental space, my problem is the Airbnb online booking site charges per-guest and not per-bedroom.

I live full-time in the same house in the third bedroom. I charge $100 per-bedroom nightly. Airbnb will charge my customers $100 for two guests, $200 for three guests and $300 for four guests who use both bedrooms each night.

I must refund $100 when four people want two bedrooms in my house. Why can’t Airbnb have an online booking system, as in most motels/hotels?

I have contacted Airbnb many times about this, but they only suggest I must set-up two Airbnb accounts for my two guest bedrooms.

This is correct. Why doesn’t that work for you?

I don’t understand this. They do have an online booking system, it’s just set up for a non-hotel platform. I don’t know how much longer though because they are moving quickly towards the hotel model.

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No it won’t if you have each a listing for each bedroom and charge the same for two people as one. @Don_Burns. Problem solved :slight_smile:

If Airbnb have suggested it, why aren’t you doing it?

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My customers and I feel paying for both bedrooms on two listings in confusing and inconvenient; especially for people who are not computer savvy.

When I want two hotel rooms for my family on the same date, I don’t need to visit the hotel’s website twice to reserve and pay for those two rooms.

Why can’t Airbnb offer the same simple online booking method for two bedrooms?

Airbnb is a listing company not a hotel @Don_Burns

There is no point asking why they don’t do it. They don’t and the system they offer for multi listings works fine for 99.9% of hosts.

Hundreds of thousands of hosts have multiple listings and they and their guests manage perfectly fine.

Anyway there is a solution you are just choosing not to use it.

If Airbnb doesn’t work for you, see if there is a listings company that better suits your needs.

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Airbnb isn’t a hotel booking platform. If you want hotel style booking, use



You should have 3 listings, Room A, Room B, Room A+B. You can sync your calendars so you don’t get double booked.


Also, to be clear, we are just a forum of fellow hosts. We are not part of Airbnb. I don’t think anyone here knows why Airbnb has set up their booking platform the way they did.


This is the easiest solution to manage long term. Yes it means setting up two more listing but makes your management easier. It’s more transparent for the customer too.

Given how its evolved over the years, I don’t think anyone at Airbnb knows any more why it’s set up the way it is :slight_smile:



Helsi: How do you know that 99.9% success rate? Do you work in the Airbnb analytics corporate office? But, I do appreciate your comments.

I wish Airbnb would offer hosts two ways to book and charge their guests: per-person or per-bedroom.

With the money Airbnb makes from its hosts, it cannot be that difficult or costly to upgrade their online booking system.

If you read some of my posts you wouldn’t think i worked for Airbnb !!!

99.9% was a throw away, sardonic comment based on the fact that sadly I am a frequenter of many host forums and I have never seen a single complaint about how this is done in three plus years.

If yours was a common concern, you would see it all over the forums.

And hitting head against the wall time. They do offer you the opportunity to charge a per bedroom rate, you just choose not to use it. Look at the earlier advice you have been given.

Anyway @JohnF has kindly given you an alternative listing site that better meets your needs.

You’ve been offered advice on how to do it. You’re still not happy.

Maybe that old chestnut is applicable:

Lovely host but to be frank, maybe more suited to a hotel booking platform.




And if Airbnb did change it to a per bedroom pricing model other hosts wouldn’t like that.

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Two listings is the way to do it. Airbnb isn’t really for people who aren’t tech savvy. We leverage technology to save us and our guests money. If people aren’t willing to use technology there are traditional accommodations, they just cost more.

This was already suggested to the OP three or four times in earlier posts @Mexican. The OP says he doesn’t want to do this.

@Don_Burns I suppose your two rooms aren’t exactly the same. When guests reserve one room, which room do they get?

And does the reservation of one room exclude the other room being occupied by another couple? Don’t you want to be able to also rent out the other room?

You don’t have to put up two accounts, only 2 or 3 listings.

This ! This is the way we also have set up 2 of our 3 rooms. It works just perfect and would solve all your problems. This also allows you to charge more for the first room and less for the second, or the other way around depending on what your preferred occupancy is.

Why don’t you just give it a try? Or are you not tech savvy enough? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s really not that difficult :wink:.

I doubt he’s not tech savvy enough, in another post he says he’s a former PR director :slight_smile:

My comment regarding tech savvy people was more at the guests not at the host. There’s quite a few wonderful hosts who aren’t at all tech savvy. Thats why the Airbnb platform is there for them. For the guests however, there isn’t like a call in option to make reservations and the reason is it would cost too much to have a call center like that. Or if I had to take a call every time someone had a question or wanted to check out my listing, I’d be on the phone all day. We save the money guests by leveraging technology and for those who are tech savvy, it works great.