Charging per-bedroom and not per-guest

Yes, three listings: one bedroom, one bedroom, and two bedrooms, and then synch the calendars. In my case, the listing descriptions need to be different as the single bedrooms would then need to share the bath (we have an addition with two bedrooms and a bath). I would think sharing a bath is a deal breaker for some. I’ve had questions to that point. For the two bedroom version I have a base rate for 2 guests and charge more per guest after that. Another option is to limit the single rooms to one guest which eases the bath sharing issue.

JohnF yes, this is exactly how i do it.

They are moving quickly toward the hotel model?
I haven’t heard anything about this. Can you give more detail?

Really - you can’t read between the lines?
Anonymous bookings?
Pressure for instant bookings?
Including the cleaning fee in the nightly rate?
Airbnb plus where they control the images?
Movement towards the host paying all fees like


As Debthecat said this is obvious to anyone who follows Airbnb policy closely.