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Changes to Airbnb Review System

I received a review today that had a lot more detailed feedback for each specific item (location, value, cleanliness, etc).

It looks like the reviews appear different than they used to on the listings page as well. They now show an actual breakdown of how many 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 star reviews you’ve received, rather than a summary.

What do you think about this change? Good or bad for hosts?

Really? Post a screenshot? I really hate any “upgrades” to the review system… UGH…

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Cool on new format. It could be an improvement, letting us know exactly what they think.

You’re closer to me than any host posting here. I sometimes go to the “Querky” city. So you have a private room or whole house?

OMG, I want to slap her silly lol!
Just love how these guests who have never hosted a day in their lives can give feedback that is just ridiculous!
Can we leave the same feedback?

What the Host loved about Tracy:
“her payment and seeing her leave”

Cleanliness feedback:
“See your endocrinologist, it’s not normal to leave that much hair in the sink, shower, floors, just everywhere!”

Location feedback:
“I hope Tracy never visits this location again”


What’s with the "I don’t like staying too close to hospitals’???
What, she’s afraid the germs are going to come get her? OMGOSH.


Whole house. Where are you located @KKC ? :slight_smile:

I don’t know :confounded: My house is downtown so not sure what they expected. They left me a 4 star review for it too. Sigh.

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you are cracking me up :laughing: @brook2adks

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I’m in El Paso. I was there last November for the Patty Griffin concert at the Kimo but my friend wasn’t quite ready for the Airbnb experience so we stayed at the Andaluz.

Oh right on, I’m from Cruces :slight_smile:

I probably looked at your listing before. If you PM it to me, I’ll bookmark for possible future use.

It looks like that location category was removed? I checked my reviews and mine just shows cleanliness, accuracy, and communication. Overall experience and location did not appear.

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So, if overall disappears, where are the new SuperHost requirements? [Do these people think through the consequences before releasing new code?]


Good question. I have superhost status. I’m curious on what the new rules are as well.

Anything is possible. I believe the absurdity of having a location category was pointed out by a few of us lately, because it is a ‘pre-condition’, meaning it is decision a guest made before they even booked, namely it is beyond the control of the host.

And it dissappeared. If Airbnb doesn’t read these boards, what others would they read?

Their community forums I guess?

Since mine looks unchanged I think it’s just another test. I’m wondering if this is much ado about nothing…for now.

I am sure they read all forums pertaining to their business. I read that board also religiously, haven’t seen much written on that subject of late, but in all likelihood it has come up because - it is an absurdity.. They do not tend to last in business.

They’d be very daft if they didn’t.

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