Change of linen

I have a small cabin and usually rent for one to 2 days. Lately we are having folks stay for longer. How often do you change the linens when folks stay longer than 2 days?

My linen change is after 5 days

At 3-4+ days, I’ll ask if they want a change of towels. I think towels get funky faster than sheets.

At 4-5+ days, I’ll offer a change of bedding. Usually they decline (my max stay is 7. I doubt most people change sheets more than once a week at home).

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I change weekly but say if they need/want to change before they can let me know. No-one does and some don’t even want the weekly change.

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I don’t. They have a washer and dryer and if they stay longer than a month I do separate bookings so everything gets washed then. I also am budget listings.

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Same here. My guests don’t like me doing their laundry or going in their rooms to change linens. I leave a laundry basket out with a fresh set of linens but its not uncommon for them to go a month on the same sheets.

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For any guests that are staying 7 days or longer, I offer to change the bed linens. I keep the extra bed linens in a locked storage room. However, I keep an extra 12 bath towels, 12 hand towels, and 24 wash cloths in a closet accessible to guests.


When I did this I’d regularly find that guests would use as many towels as they could. It made for a lot more laundry. Guests get 1 towel, 1 hand towel and 1 washcloth. If they need more, I take the old ones back before giving them new ones. This way, my towels never disappear. Since I started doing this, guests don’t take them. When you have so many out, guests know you aren’t keeping track and will pack a towel in with their suitcase. My towels are locked up. At $10 each, my entire profit might be gone if a guest takes the towel. This is my high tax, high cost, low rent area though. If this was Hawaii, I could probably give away towels.

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You said in a previous post they were $7.50 each. :wink:

I have had a couple of groups that used 1 towel per guest per night (Just like a hotel). This doesn’t really bother me though. I have large washing machines and worst case is I have to do an extra load. An extra load is potentially an extra hour to wait, but only a few minutes of my time, and about $1.00 in actual cost (electricity/detergent/bleach/etc.).

My towels are $3 to $4 (depending if Costco’s has them on sale) . I’ve had only one come up missing in 4+ months and I can’t be sure it’s not at my house. I’ve certainly lost a lot more to staining.

BTW, I also keep 12 extra of all of bath-towels/hand-towels/washcloths in the storage room in case I ever have a quick turnover.

Every week. I change every week in my own house too.

I’ve had people stay 5-7 days and only use 2 towels, but I also live in a dry climate where a properly hung towel on a towel bar will be completely dry in 8 hours. I’m going to have someone stay 2 weeks in May (longest stay I’ve ever had and I’m going to launder the sheets and 3 towel I’ll provide after one week. However, I might offer more often if she were paying full price. As it is, I gave her a special discounted rate because she is coming to town to volunteer at a charity I support and therefore am not inclined to add further value to her booking.

This is one of many reasons why I have a max 7 day stay. Sorry, but I want my sheets to last, and not to smell and stains to set. When I did a hospital temp 2.5 month off-platform rental this winter, I required a weekly linen change.

Yeah I set a maximum 14 day stay but its really strange I get guests who incessantly hound me to stay longer. I sent the guest a long explanation of why guests I don’t do longer than 14 day stays and he agreed to that but once he checked in, he made it clear that if I didn’t let him stay longer he was going to give me trouble. This has happened like 5 times in a row now. So even though I have limits, guests constantly go over.

I offer a linen change after a week but many decline. My experience with towels is quite the opposite. I leave 7-8 big fat ones but they often recycle it as we have laundry here.