Change in host review catagories

I just noticed as hosts we are no longer rated on Location and Value.
Just Accuracy, Cleanliness & Communication (and overall of course)
I don’t know if that is just our area (New England) or if they are doing that for everyone.
Good move, Airbnb!

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They are still there on my ratings. I would like to see them gone too. Location is such an annoying one.


I am still seeing Location & Value on my most recent reviews (USA)

I just had to share this Accuracy rating. First time airbnb user. Dinged me with a one star because she believes my space is better than the photos. :sob:



I am sorry. Rate her one star for common sense.


Not here in the UK all five categories showing.

Still see it here in the Palm Springs area, CA. Hopefully location is removed!

I entered a question for the global host Q&A and I found out today that it got picked as it was one of the top voted questions.

My submission is

“Losing review points for location is frustrating. I am more reasonably priced as I am further from the beach. This is clear when guests book.”

They want me to send in a video recording of myself saying it for the online Q&A with Brian Jung on the 29th November.

Will keep everyone updated.


That is so AWESOME!!

That’s great! Lots of competition! As I said, it seems they are already addressing the issue at least in my area. Here’s a screenshot;

Overall star rating at top, then just the 3 sub catagories. It really makes much more sense. Location rating is the worst. Value is very subjective.


It’s possible that the guest simply didn’t rate you in those two categories


I never thought of that. I’ll find out after my next review.

If they don’t rate you on those you won’t see them. LA is correct.


@jumoe I saw another poster that had the review updated/ removed (can’t remember which) for exactly the reason you said- you should contact airbnb if you haven’t already!

Both value and location also drive me crazy!
I got dinged for location the other day as “there is a lot of traffic”

For value, we have two airbnb apartments, and we charge about 50% more for the second one. We generally always get 5 stars in value for that one whereas for the first one, we often get 4 stars- my theory is because it is very reasonably priced for what you get, we attract the “cheapies” who will never be satisfied and never think anything is good value!


That is exactly it, and why you shouldn’t lower your prices too much!

It looks like lahope is correct. Our guests didn’t rate us in those categories so they didn’t show up. I just got another review and all the categories are back. They really should eliminate some of those especially location. Hopefully Jacqueline’s question will get addressed!

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Look like you have 281 votes so far! Including mine!
"281 Losing review points for location is frustrating. I am more reasonably priced as I am further from the beach. This is clear when guests book by Jacqueline "

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@Jacqueline This may seem like a silly question but…What is the Global host Q&A? How does one find out about these things? I check all of my emails, visit my listing daily, read the messages daily and haven’t heard of it. Is the Global Host Q&A an event that can be accessed and read/watched?

It was last night. Hosts sent in questions they want answered. Other hosts voted on the questions. Last night there was a live event where CEO of Airbnb Brian Chesky answer the top-voted questions from hosts around the world. They said they would share videos soon afterwards if you missed it.

But how did you find out about it in the first place?