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CDC Eviction Moratorium extended to June 30, 2021

I just got an e-mail from my state representative outlining the CDC’s extension of the eviction moratorium to June 30, 2021. There are some restrictions, but it boils down to inability to pay (duh!). It’s possible that some Airbnb hosts can get caught up in this, but it probably applies more to hosts that switched to long-term rentals when COVID-19 eliminated the short-term market. Stay informed, friends.

I’m on my third long-term tenant since COVID. I’ve been renting only to people that I know at a substantial discount to the market month-to-month rate. I’m earning 10% less than I did with Airbnb (considering supplies, taxes, etc.), but… I’ve only done 2 cleanings in the past year, instead of 30+. :laughing: I can’t go back to STR due to my HOA regulations, but I definitely will be going back to a market rate as soon as the moratoriums are lifted.


i have to be honest. If the differential was only 10 % then I would stick with LTR


Just sharing LTR investments are rocking & rolling in my home area (not a vacation area). USA

I read an interesting article about the rental real estate market. Short version: it’s a spiral.

  1. Not enough homes on market for people to buy
  2. Can’t buy so renting
  3. Rental investors seeing demand so grabbing anything they can leverage the purchase price & mortgage against rental cash flow so paying top dollar.
  4. Supply/demand pushing prices up
  5. Homebuyers getting priced out of market so renting
  6. It goes on

I know that California high housing demand areas and others have legislation to reduce STRs in theory to increase LTRs available.

I think we will see more of the cycle.

I agree. Even though It think I could’ve increased the STR revenue another 30% over another year or so, I am also certain that I can earn about the same with LTR when the house is furnished and the lease is less than 12 months.

The downside is that I don’t get to clean and maintain my property to my standards for months at a time.

In some markets it’s impossible to build new rental housing without subsidies, due in part to zoning restrictions. Suburban single family residential sprawl has eaten up land suitable for mult-family housing, especially near public transit.

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