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Cancelled on by host


Any idea if they list on other sites. They probably cancelled thinking they would get a better booking on another platform.


OK…so did Air say you would be able to leave a review? I thought once a host receives the cancellation message on their listing, then someone can’t leave another review. Although…I know ABB’s automatic system still sends the parties the review links, I thought the automatic review acts more or less as your review.

Yeah…that wasn’t bright on their part cancelling a 3 day booking that was booked just that morning.


The co host was a big property management company in San Diego they have direct bookings and on multiple platforms so they must have figured it would re-book And considering I could not find anything they probably did re book



Air has been prompting me for a review since the day after it was cancelled.



Yeah…I realize they are sending you the automatic review request. But curious if he contacts them if they will remove your review since he already received the automatic review penalty. I didn’t realize when someone receives Air’s automatic cancellation on their listing, that the guest can also leave a review…cuz it’s kind of like getting two reviews for one reservation…if I’m making sense …


Well I have no idea, I have the review done and saved I just need to go back and publish it at the correct time.



I just went to the host profile and the listing is not there anymore, and her other listings have a different co host.

I bet my review will never be seen, she is gaming the system using different co host listing and unlisting properties.

We shall see.



It’s hard for the single guest to really have much effect on the commercial investor host. One reason why I avoid those kinds of listings. I’m a one home, one host kind of Airbnb guest. I’ve never had to book in a desperate situation like the one you were in however; that’s a whole different thing.


Ya, I would have preferred to have made plans well in advance and found a better host but I was under pressure. At least I was finally comped the hotel and gas from Air, they put the money right in my account just like the rents:) That took a lot of persistence. I will update once I hit send on that review and see if it can be found after.



That is great to read.


If you do get to post your review, please add the final blow as the very first sentence. Only then you will be sure that every potential guest out there will read it through the end.

This was the most miserable experience imaginable. I suggest you avoid this host and find another place to stay.
We booked a 3 day stay at 8 am the same only day …


I got caught up in a similar situation recently, but as a host.
I have a 5 day minimum stay rule and instant book enabled, nobody is ever able to book 4 nights. However… I had no idea this rule goes out the window and doesn’t apply to calendar dates that have become available after another guest cancels!! So there is me, my current guest has just cancelled, and there are 4 nights left before the next guest arrives. I feel safe that nobody can book and don’t bother blocking these dates. I start doing home improvements turning my flat into a mess and then bang! an instant booking for 4 nights comes through. In a panic I called Air and got them to cancel penalty free within 5 minutes of the booking being made. I just had no idea this could happen! The cancelled guest was outraged despite me explaining exactly what happened and left me 1 star for everything and a horrible review with a private note saying “You’re welcome”. I tried to get the review removed but no luck…


I’ll bet this is exactly what happened to @RiverRockRetreat

All of these misunderstandings and angsts by both hosts and guests can be avoided if Airbnb would just get their systems right. :rage:


I have a real issue with hypocrisy, and my time in San Fran comes to mind.


The host told me that he knew the settings were for less than five days but the systems in Air would not allow them the flexibility they needed so they put the five days in the rules. My review will be posted in a few hours, timer on phone sent.



In regards to who/what on this thread?



Ahh. Good to know.

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Review was posted 2 minutes before the deadline, no review back from the host. It IS on her profile and well deserved. Thanks everyone for the input.



Like a boss!

Hopefully it will cost her at least one booking.


Psycho!!! I’m not smart enough to know how to look up guest reviews of hosts and most of my guests are newbies who IB big i sure hope that back fired on the guest and others rejected them in the future

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