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Cancelled on by host


My family and I have been evacuated due to fires in Idyllwild California. I spent the first two nights at a hotel then decided to head to the coast so the kids could go to the beach. I found an AirBnb 1/2 a block from the ocean and booked for 3 days, $1800 with fees ouch! When checking out the rules popped up and it talked about parties $1000 fine and said that in the summer 5 day minimum. I thought well I guess I lucked out they allowed a 3 day booking. We were in Valencia (magic mountain) and headed to SD in traffic it was almost 5 hours, about an hour away from destination the host calls and said I needed to book two more days per the house rules… I told him I could not commit to that I was not sure when I would be allowed back home, I explained about being evacuated. He said he would call the owner and try and get approval, I said what do you mean approval we have a confimed reservation? He went on to tell me about the rules, and I told him about the SETTINGS where you put in minimum stays! He said he would call back. I called air the second he hung up and they assured me the host could not do that and I had a valid reservation. Long story short host cancelled, there were no hotels available, the suggestions Air sent me included one in MEXICO. I had to drive an hour and a half to Temecula to get a hotel room. Air has stopped communicating with me they do not give a shit. End rant thanks for listening



Sorry this happened to you, but this is a forum for hosts so maybe you need to go back to Airbnb to address this.


Terrible and frustrating … and the host probably will go: why don’t they just read my rules …

I once got cancelled by a host, who was offering rooms, he was not authorized to rent. What surprised me most was that I had to ACTIVELY pursue the reimbursement. It was a few clicks to even to do that and it was not very straightforward. So go chase your money!

Then, I received $200 as a voucher towards the hotel cost - so go chase that as well.

And, well …if Airbnb won’t listen, you do get to leave a review and bring down the dreaded 1 Star. Go for it.


River Rock IS a host.

I am so sorry, RR. I have a special place in my heart for Idyllwild. I hope it survives.

Terrible to hear that the host did that to you. Small comfort is the penalties they will get for canceling. So if you CAN leave a review, I would!


Ok. Didn’t know RR is a host.


I know that, I am a host…



Oh I will review them, I can see their review now… Guest did not read rules blah blah blah. F Them, they cannot change the TOS in the rules. I saw it and was surprised I was allowed to book. But I was allowed to book and if they want a 5 day minimum then thats what the settings are for. I will wait until last minute, I imagine they will not review first as to prompt me to review. They earned the 1 star. This was really f’ing awful, my two kids kids were troopers though! We always talk about being good travelers and going with the flow, things that are out of our control we cannot change. They took it better than me. At hotel pool rn instead of the beach, at least I have an umbrella and no sand!



Idyllwild will survive, its a moonscape coming up the Hemet side, all the way to Doublview/the point. Lost 6 houses two of them friends of mine. My friend who lost his house posted this: My house burned to the ground. I have lost everything. I forgive the arsonist. I forgive the people who hurt him.

Now I am feeling petty about bitching about my issues!

So Kona, if you are ever back to Idyllwild River Rock Retreat is still standing and I would love to host you.



I should be able to, It was after check in they cancelled me. Last week I had Air cancel a guest (mutual agreement) the day before her stay and we got to leave reviews. I had just stained the house and it smelled so I gave her the option to cancel. Air cancelled penalty free.



RRR, I used to own a home on three acres nearby in Anza. We always worried about fires. We were all on wells. Any news on Anza? I know it’s quite a ways from Idyllwild. We had considered buying in Idyllwild, but it was slightly out of our price range. I remember a place called Baker in the Forest. Is it still there?


Baker in the forest… Gone now, I’ve been here 20 years and it was long closed when I got here. Anza had no power a couple of days, not sure if on but they go a couple hours yesterday to pump water there is a fire in Pinyon PM me for facebook page info if you like.


I’m showing my age!!! I used to go hiking with BFs up there and we would stop at Baker after the hike for mega cinnamon roll and coffee. :joy:

Okay! Will send a PM and I will look for you on FB! Take care. I hope your place is still standing. So scary.


Sorry to hear about the fire situation.

What boggles my mind is why this guy would turn down a 3 day booking when it was so last minute. I doubt he was going to get a 5 night booking all of a sudden…


and additionally … the penalties for doing so.

On my strict cancellation policy they write: The penalties for canceling this reservation include

  • not being a Superhost for a year,
  • getting a public review that shows you canceled,
  • paying a cancellation fee (Less than 7 days before check-in, we’ll deduct $100 from your next payout ), and
  • having the canceled nights blocked on your calendar
  • Account suspension. If you cancel 3 or more reservations within a year, we may deactivate your listing.

Not sure if it is all the same on the other policies.

I can’t see how Airbnb can back your ex-host on this even though he has the fine print in the rules. The host needs to set the correct settings for his situation. Those settings weren’t available, but they have been for quite a while now.

Think they are able to wiggle out with the IB … guest made me uncomfortable …?


I know, now they get no booking and the bad review, super host and so on. It was a 1400 payout now the days are blocked.



From what I have seen and people I have talked to, not sure that it is fair to say that many Hosts are more familiar with how the system operates than Guests.

My guess is that these people list on many sites and decided to add AirBnb to the equation and just copied over what they did elsewhere. AirBnB seems a bit of an oddball the way it operates.

If it had been me I would have taken the 3 days and treated it as a learning lesson.


Air sided with me, for what it is worth but the host cancelled anyway. They have gone completely radio silent ignoring my last several messages. I have received no compensation, no voucher nothing.



Thanks CH its been a nightmare. Worst part is even though the town so far and likely will be the drive up is like a moonscape. My Rental will suffer and my real estate business will suffer as people will be wary of investing up here. I am hoping my business insurance will kick in for the lost income but unsure since my office did not actually burn down. We shall see.



You mean, no refund???


Oh no, I got a refund. They offered me $180 if I booked another ABB but I could not, so what I mean is I got no compensation for getting screwed by the host. Air abandoned this guest.


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