Cancellation with a temporary Host

I’m sure this is not a common question so I’ll do my best to describe the situation. We have a disgruntled co-host for our property how will be removed as a co-host on July 1’st. We have a new co-host who will take over. By accident however there is a double booking for the same apartment by both co-hosts. Nether disgruntled host nor the new co-host want to cancel. I know this is out of the box thinking but we have friend who has an Airbnb account but never uses it. If we made him the co-host temporarily in order to do the cancellation would there be any consequences from Airbnb? Once the ‘temp’ co-host cancels the reservation we will remove his as as co-host and instate the new co-host?

Any advice appreciated.

The listing owner needs to take responsibility and Airbnb will hold the listing owner responsible.

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The reputation (reviews and cancellations) stick with the primary owner of the listing.

If Airbnb allowed what you’re suggesting hosts would create “scapegoat co-hosts” that could cancel reservations without damaging the listing’s rating or reputation.

Off topic, but you don’t happen to be a VP of corporate finance? You’re certainly thinking like one!
What you’re suggesting is similar to spinning off subsidiaries with mountains of debt or liabilities…then Oops! they’re bankrupt.
Airbnb protects against those shenanigans, but you might be the genius who comes up with the next credit default swap.


The real question is who is the “listing admin.” Is it the old cohost, the new cohost, or you? Hopefully, you are the listing admin because you don’t want a disgruntled cohost to be the listing admin of your property.

BTW, how did you double-book? The calendar will go with the listing, not the cohost. Are you taking bookings from OTAs other than Airbnb?


It’s so uncommon that I just don’t understand it. Your current co-host (the disgruntled one?) is working for you until July 1st when you’re taking on another person. But both of them have taken bookings for the same place? I don’t see how that can happen.

Forget the temporary co-host. The cancellation will go against the owner/host(you) regardless.

Is one booking on Airbnb & the other on another platform? I didn’t think the Airbnb platform could be double booked.

Figure out who booked first. Cancel the other. Don’t blame any one because it simply will not make a difference. Take responsibility as owner. Call Airbnb (or whatever platform) explain that a mistake happened and see if they will find they will process the cancellation while finding the guest alternate accommodations

It will speak volumes that you try to be proactive by working with Airbnb to find the guest alternative accommodations and acknowledge an error occurred.

One of the things wrong with the world right now is a general lack of people being accountable for their actions. Don’t be part of that problem.