Cancellation vs. letting the reservation run

I think I may have just been handed a gift but I’m not entirely sure. For anyone who read my “Guest just arrived and wants to cancel” thread (, this guest decided to leave early due to a family emergency (brother in ER). She wasn’t entitled to a refund anyway due to our moderate cancellation policy, but rather than letting the reservation run, instead cancelled it, the whole thing. I think this means that we can’t review each other! Can anyone confirm this?

I also wonder if this will end with her requesting a refund for yet another reason, but for now I’m mildly excited about the idea of not getting a review from this duo.

Does anyone know for sure?

They may be entitled to a refund due to extenuating circumstances. I’m quite sure that the illness (or hospitalisation) of an immediate family member would qualify.

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Yup this happened to me… guest cancelled because of a sick MIL and they got a total refund. Disgusting abuse of a host who held a reservation for months…

The ER story is probably a ruse and you will soon be receiving the wonderful Hope this email finds you well but we refunded your guest in full because we always side with the guest.

Hi zoe, I should hope they will have to provide proof as they have tried everything in the book to get out of this reservation and get a refund. Her message even began with "Believe it or not . . . "

Oh and they stayed even though they left early so I’m pretty sure they can review!!!

I kept researching after posting my question here and found a thread in the Air forum. As recently as June 2016, cancelling before the end of a stay was a way to avoid being reviewed as a bad guest: Interestingly, another poster said you could advocate to Air to be able to leave a review!

I would hope this is no longer a loophole but if it is, it probably means they can’t review me either.

This guest has tried to get out of the last night since one week ago, so I hope Air sides with me if she tries the “extenuating circumstances” route.

They will need to provide documentation, however I’m not entirely sure that Airbnb goes out of their way to check the authenticity of what they receive. Honestly, it’s quite easy to fabricate a doctors note.

I’d preemptively reach out to Airbnb to get your story on record. Explain your concerns about the ‘conveniently timed emergency’. While unlikely, perhaps Airbnb will honour your payout in total, and absorb the financial loss themselves (although they’re not terribly inclined to do this often these days).

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They won’t. This is the guest’s way of getting out of it. They know they can cry ER to Air and get refunded,

So far, she hasn’t seemed too savvy about the whole process, so let’s hope it continues!

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Fingers crossed for you… but it can happen at a later date too. There doesn’t seem to be a time limit on requesting refunds due to extenuating,

Or perhaps it would simply seem too obvious to request a refund so soon…

That hasn’t stopped Air before. I don’t mean to throw wet blankets but we have not usually seen these situations slant in the hosts’ favor.

Oh, yes. I totally agree. However, if a guest is devious enough to conveniently announce an ‘emergency’ coinciding exactly with the dates she wanted to cancel and be refunded for, they’re probably also thinking about how to make the situation look as ‘real’ as possible.

Given the way things have progressed, I’d 100% expect a refund request at some point, or an email from Airbnb stating that they will be issuing a refund.

It won’t sway them. We’ve seen that happen before. Guests furiously trying to cancel, all is documented and then suddenly there is an emergency which somehow qualifies as extenuating. And they are refunded.

Of course! But I assume the guest doesn’t know this. :wink:

Update: Guest requested a refund through the resolution center and provided a photo of a receipt from a clinic under the name of someone with her last name. I declined stating she had been trying to get a refund for this night since prior to her arrival, and this receipt is not proof that they cut their trip short because of that; they always intended to cut their trip short. Rather than replying to my denial through the resolution center, she messaged me through the regular Air messaging.

Now it’s up to her to be savvy about advocating for a refund. I’ve declined and I’m finished engaging with her. It sounds like Air will side with her if she can get it together. Regardless, I will appeal to Air to be able to review her because other hosts need to know what they’re getting into.

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See? Sorry to be right about this one. :disappointed::cold_sweat: I knew the guest would do this.
Since you have declined, now Air will intervene and decide. Sigh.

If they vote in your favor I will eat my hat.

@konacoconutz, I would never bet against you when it comes to Air stuff! :wink: Doesn’t the guest have to request escalation now that I’ve declined her? I don’t think she has yet.

It escalates automatically now that you declined the request.
Air adjudicates it now,
You will hear from Air next with their yay or nay.
I really really want to be wrong on this one for your sake. Let’s see what happens.

If Air acts true to form then you will be charged for that last night. :dizzy_face::cold_sweat::sob::sweat::imp:

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I have a question: if a guest decides to modify their stay from a long-term one to a short-term one, does the price correct for the discount (monthly discount no longer applies) and do they get to leave a review as usual?