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Cancellation by Clever Guest

If you were willing to shift the guests dates out further, you must have thought you could rebook the original dates. Otherwise you should have said,

“Since you are outside of our free cancel window, we can’t change your dates free of charge. We suggest you cancel your original booking and we will try to rebook it with someone else. If we ARE able to fill your cancelled dates at the same rate we will refund you XX amount minus XX cancel fee (whatever you want, maybe all)… In either case, you are welcome to make a new booking for future dates and we will be do our best to rebook and get you as much refund as possible if you cancel.”


Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I will use this next time.

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I had a guest who altered their booking from 5 people to 1 person and then cancelled. That way they got a small refund.

THIS is something that needs to be remembered. Guests who are ‘changing their schedule’ can use this method as well.

Perhaps someone should make a ‘how to’ page for hosts aceessible here; so many times someone comes here chagrined that the were conned…

This is fuc… airbnb, they do not care about owners. We have to change it. Stop rentals by 1 month and we will see.

No one is forcing you to use Airbnb, for many folks there are alternatives if you don’t like their policies.

The reality is that cases like this, given the number of daily stays in Airbnb listings, are actually rare.

We often only hear the bad shit on here, because let’s face it, who is going to go on a forum and rant about the past twelve (or twenty or one hundred) stays that went off without a hitch, the guests came and left without causing damage or issue and the host got paid.

Airbnb isn’t perfect, but for the vast majority of hosts it’s good enough.



Hey, that’s my line! LOL.

Airbnb claims millions of bookings a year and yet people think it’s doomed and horrible and etc on the basis of a few hundred complaints they read on the internet. I don’t think folks understand numbers.


I’ve been hosting since 2016, and never heard about this scam. Never to late to learn something new. I’m glad to be forewarned.

Let me ask a question. It seems the only way a host can avoid such a scam is to simply not accept a reservation date change, particularly one made within a week of arrival. Presuming a host has future dates open, is the host obligated to accept the guest’s request to change dates?




It depends on the cancellation policy in force, but another method is simply to block off the freshly requested dates. The change then becomes “not possible”.

Funnily enough, I can only remember having to do one date change, and that was a genuine guest error, so we shifted the dates and the stay went ahead. This was on Vrbo, not Airbnb, never had to do one on there, yet!


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Hotels routinely oversell by 5% or more. That if they have 100 room s, they happily take 105 reservations. On average, enough people cancel so that it works out fine. But, sometimes people show up to check in and have no room. Those guests are “walked” (industry term for sent to some other nearby hotel instead).


Regardless of the reason, if a host is in competition with hotels in their area they might not find a strict cancel policy to be in their favor. I understand they ways hotels are different and have a lot of leverage with policies that an individual host doesn’t have.

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