Can you review with stars only and can guest respond to it?

The SuperHost guest from you know where left tonight. She was looking for a full refund after her failed attempt to cancel at no cost. I gave her a $200 refund for tonight just to be done with her. I altered the reseveration to exclude tonight. If I leave a review of stars only can she still respond? She or I should say her husband responded to one guests review of their place with a full 4 page response if put on paper easily, it was unreal. She and the husband are nuts I tell you. I normally always review honestly, the rebuttal from these pycho’s worries me though this time.

She used the phone to say if we refunded her she would give us the glowing review our place deserved for all the amenities. Extortion much… She has 14 reviews mostly from staying at her husbands place pre-marriage, I assume this past year they got married. Since then some of reviews are questionable though she still shows as 5*.

No. And a guest (or host) can only respond to your review if they also leave you a review.

Sorry @LiveOakVineyard when you say the ‘guest from you know where’ - have you written about this guest before ? What did she/her husband do?

It’s a shame you didn’t report this host to Airbnb for extortion (Having followed up the phone call with a message to them in writing on Airbnb so there was a record).


I was wondering that too @Helsi. Please remind us (briefly) @LiveOakVineyard.

It’s disappointing that you don’t want to review this person and are happy to let them go to other hosts no warnings about their behaviour.


Two things @LiveOakVineyard. First, when you say the guest used the phone for her attempt at extortion, did she send a text? If so, take a screen shot, which will show the text message and the guest’s phone number. I believe I’ve read in other posts on this forum that that may be evidence enough of the extortion for Air to remove any nasty review this host/guest leaves you.

Second, go ahead and review honestly and without emotion. Just the facts. Let these crazy people write their 4 page response. Will potential guests read it? You bet they will, if for nothing more than the entertainment value. Most guests, at least the ones you want to host, will see the response for what it is, which is a childish guest throwing a tantrum and lashing out because she didn’t get what she demanded.


This is a great point. Imagine a guest, reading lots of great reviews and then coming across a ridiculous one. You’d only want the guests who realised that it’s from a nutjob, right? A guest who can’t tell the difference between lots of great reviews and one crazy one would be a nutjob themselves.


@jaquo and @Helsi this is an American euphemism for “hell.” She is the guest from hell. He hasn’t previously written about her.

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Thank you. Englishness strikes again :rofl:

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I would message her this:
thanks for staying with us we strive to offer a 5* stay< I will review you this afternoon and I hope you can take a moment to do the same.

Do not even hint you are upset, then give an honest review. You will get the review she is giving either way, but if she thinks she is getting a good review and her extortion worked it will be too late when she sees it. Let her rant for 4 pages, it will make her look crazy.



@LiveOakVineyard – Guests can’t really respond to your Review. All they can do is writer their own Review of you, and when both of you have Reviewed then you can see what the other said.

Both the host and guest can respond to a review they have recieved.

Per AirBnB:

If you think a review written about you is false or exaggerated, you can write a response that will show up directly below the review and be visible to other guests and hosts. You’ll need to write your response within 30 days of when the review was written.

To respond to a review:

  1. Go to Edit Profile on
  2. Click Reviews
  3. Select Reviews About You
  4. Find the review you’d like to respond to and click Leave a Response


After sleeping on it I plan to give an honest review about the guests. Including her extortion on the phone which was done verbally, not via text. All her lies and demands were done via verbal calls. She replied in the messaging system twice and her verbal calls were lies contradicting what she wrote.

I am just glad they are gone. If she responds to the review so be it.


Agreed, @LiveOakVineyard. Only internet sleuths will see that response - those guests who drill down to every other guest’s profile page. I suspect they are few. The response, as you know, does not appear on your page, only the guest’s.
And you were asking if you could leave “stars only” without a written review. I don’t think that’s possible. You could type “.” in the comment box, but that still leaves the guest able to respond as rant-ily as they like.
But really, the rant affects only them. The more rant responses they write on their page, the nuttier they look. It’s a good thing.

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Might I suggest you post a draft here first? This forum does a really good job of helping hosts avoid shooting themselves in the foot with reviews that either violate ToS or (worse) come off sounding worse than the guest’s.


That is not true. @KenH perhaps a brain fart? You usually are on top of things with reviews and responses to reviews.

This is not true. What makes you think it is?

I left a review for a guest recently - and because I mentioned AirBnB Support in the review - they pulled the review - and won’t let me leave a new review. It was important for hosts - because this lady was a scam person, and I suspected that AirBnB Support knew - and wouldn’t do anything about it.

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It is well known here not to mention in a review that you opened a case against a guest. Hosts should familiarize themselves with review TOS to protect themselves.

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You might just be misunderstanding the terms, @Militaryhorsegal. Response vs review.
A guest’s review of the host shows up on the host’s page. The host’s response to it shows up on the host’s page.
A host’s review of the guest shows up on the guest’s page. The guest’s response to it shows up on the guest’s page.
The OP was worried about the response the guest was going to give (hence asking whether she could leave out the words and just do the stars), not about the review the guest was going to give.
Seven years of working within the Airbnb system, and, sometimes unfortunately, you get the terms down pat :slight_smile:


It seems that both Ken and Mhg are misunderstanding what exactly is being referred to by the OP.