Can you help me. I dont know who to direct this question to

I am not a host but I do not know where to go for help. Can someone direct me to the proper place? I went on the AIRBNB website just to look around back in February 2019. I just, now, looked at my credit card statement and found a charge of $224.67. I don’t know why it is there. I have no plans to travel and would not have booked accommodations. I don’t even remember giving my credit card number. Thank you for your help.

Hi there’s a pinned post with all the airbnb contact numbers for each country. Call airbnb customer support. Probably fraud.

Like Gem20 said, check this post for the phone number for your country.

You can also tackle this through your credit card by disputing it as a fraudulent transaction. Many CC companies will to go to bat with Airbnb on your behalf and they’ll be faster at reversing the charge.

In your situation I would contact your credit card company @marilynnichol

If you didn’t set up an account, make a booking, or provide your credit card details from Airbnb it sounds like a straightward fraudulent transaction.

No one here will be able to help, I’m afraid. We’re not connected with Airbnb, other than being a group of hosts.

Just like any other accounts online, Airbnb accounts can be hacked but if you didn’t add your credit card number then it obviously can’t have been used by Airbnb.

As @Helsi says, your credit card company will be the first port of call.