Can you have feedback removed if it is catagorilcly false?

I see posts about feedback a lot and the answer is always the same. “Its their opinion” and i get it, you might disagree but most times its true.

However, I had a guest give me 3 stars for value stating “cleaning fees are high” and i don’t have cleaning fees, never have. If something can be proven false like that, shouldn’t we be able to have it removed?

Just reply to the review that you don’t have cleaning fees and move on.


Yep. One of the few times I would recommend replying to a review:

“You are mistaken. We have never charged a cleaning fee to stay at Property Name.”


Maybe the guest was on vacation and stayed at multiple Airbnb’s’ and got them confused when writing the review? I like @KenH 's response.

Unless you’re a new host with only a couple of reviews, the average star rating you have for value that future guests see will still look like 5 stars.

@KenH & @Brian_R170 are correct.

If you are concerned about the stars, contact Airbnb about having it removed because it is inaccurate since there is not a cleaning fee. They may remove it.

If not, then at least you tried.


Sounds like the reason was not in the public review but in he explanation of 3 for value. If that’s the case what was the overall star count and the public review? As long as that is good don’t touch or respond.