Can wife book fir husband

Can wife book for husband ?

No. Just let her know that he needs his own account … unless you’re okay with third-party bookings.

Only if they are both coming. If he is coming alone then no, he needs to make his own account.

Ash her if she’s coming too. Maple he is or maple he isn’t. I’ll teak a hint that she isn’t. Its not a poplar opinion but you have to ask her to cancel because she’s in violation of the terms of service. If she starts weaping, willow let her know that he can spruce up his oakcount and resend the reservation. Best of luck.


Love it :slight_smile:

Thanks. No I’m

Not ok with third party.

Then just send her a friendly message telling her that it’s against Airbnb’s TOS and tell her that he’ll need his own account. Airbnb will walk him through it if he calls them.

I’m pining to see more posts like this. It’s a lot more fun than some of the beeching we hear.


I totally missed the catalyst for the humor until the re-read the subject line.


We cedar what @Mexican did.


They might be 'elder’ly…


I view this as a bit different than standard 3rd party. I do a lot of “admin” stuff for my husband- appointments etc so this would also fall into my wheelhouse if he was taking a trip. This one Id probably let fly but ask she add him to the reservation. If it was for a kid etc then No

@RiverRock apparently wasn’t amused.

I guess that in that case, you wood just access your husbands account and make the reservation through there?


I probably would, yes- because I know how it works. Not everyone does.

I have always required them to either be added to the account or book on their own account. They usually choose to add them to the account. In one instance though this husband (I don’t find out until well after the reservation ended) had his own account as a host.

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I had this twice. one time the wife was in china making reservation for her husband who was coming to my town to see their daughter - exchange student. it was ok, good review, np.

second time the wife was in the US, forgot where and she wrote a nasty review, like the bathroom smelled! He must have peed on the floor or something because I was the only one in the house and I used another bathroom the whole time he was in my house. And I cleaned it up before he came.

Will never do this again.

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Woody put it back? Stay tuned to find out.


. . . assuming that they’re in a mahoganous relationship.