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Can someone who is not very outgoing be a successful host?

So, we are thinking of finding a new house with a MIL suite or similar for renting out on Air.

While I am polite to a fault, I’m not very effusive or outgoing with people I don’t know. It probably has something to do with growing up in Vermont.

On the plus side, I’m super detail oriented and a good problem solver. I also have enough time to host. It would mostly be me handling things, as my husband has a very demanding job.

Do you think my natural reserve would be an issue when hosting?

I can be very polite and professional, but I just don’t think I can be the type of person who is hugging guests and treating them " like old friends."

Will the place have its own entrance?

If so, set up an electronic lock or a combination box for the keys and you will never really even have to meet the guests.

I have only ever met two of my guests and this was when they had mail delivered without asking and came to pick it up.


When traveling, I would prefer a host that is not outgoing and wanting to chat me up! Check me in, provide me information when requested, that’s all I need from a host! So yes, I think it’s very possible to be a successful host and not be very outgoing!


That’s exactly what you need to be. I love hosting but guests are in a separate space. I couldn’t do it if people were actually in my home and I had to be ‘friends’ with them :slight_smile:


If you are going to buy a house with the intention of putting it on short term rental sites make sure it is legal in the town or city it is located in. I have heard of people who found out it was not legal until after they bought. A few of my guests have been a little needy but most I never hear from during their stay unless an issue comes up.


The bit about Vermont is funny. What’s wrong with Vermont?

I don’t think hugs are what guests are looking for. They want things like cleanliness, quiet, functioning/reliable utilities, a comfortable bed, no vermin, and good organization. I think professional courtesy is fine.


It’s a nice state, but people tend to be more reserved and stoic than other parts of the country.

If guests will not need you to show them how to work appliances, etc. then I doubt they will care if they even see you. It will be fine to install a self check in lock, let guests know to text you for anything they can’t find, etc.

I would just be sure to advertise clearly that interaction is minimal, but you are always available if they need something.

Just try to avoid any single young men from Spain who are looking to meet easy Amercian women, have awkward conversations with the host, and then complain because you only had a few conversations with them, and your place is like a scary movie :smile:


Our current basement is literally like something out of a horror movie. If El Cabron had to stay down there, he’d be peeing his pants in short order.


I think the gregarious host myth is marketed by Air well. As in, "Don’t go there… LIVE THERE! " Make omlettes everyone… And after that, GROUP HUG!

I know there are different strokes for different folks but I really really do think my guests love their privacy. I have a mother in law suite with private entrance and for less than you pay for a room in someone’s house, my guests get their own space, including private patio and BBQ. Walking distance to a secluded beach with great snorkeling.

I think many people are booking on Air to try to find unique rentals at a lower cost than hotels. They aren’t really looking for the gregarious host experience by and large. Here in Hawaii, it’s a really good option.

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Three things about Vermont readily come to mind:

Teddy bear factories, maple syrup… And of course BERNIE!!! :smile:

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Ditto…,although I know lots of hosts here who do that and love it!?

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Still have my Bernie sign up as more and more Trump signs go up all around me. Although someone really clever has a Trump sign on their lawn, they have cut off the T and P…so it says “RUM, make America great again” lol.


I think that depends on the situation and setting…I hang in VT frequently, but I go to nature places like hidden waterfalls, clothing optional beaches, or the farmers market, outdoor concerts, hip eateries and find many in those places to be very accepting of others and willing to make friendly conversations.

Well I have bipolar, social anxiety, and have found hosting to make me more outgoing. I’m also not anxious about opening the front door anymore.

Think thats why I like hosting so much. Getting paid for therapy. Haha


When @faheem @cabinhost and @konacoconutz post consecutively in the same thread, this is what’s shown on the right hand side of the main page :slight_smile:


LOL!!! Appropriate in certain threads!

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I think you’ll do just fine. We’re naturally friendly and helpful and like to chat, but sometimes get the feeling that a guest wished we would just shut up and leave them alone. This is never a big deal. It’s easy to figure out when you’re overdoing it. We’ve had some longer term guests who started off quite standoffish but warmed up after they realized our friendliness isn’t fake, or maybe just got comfortable and started relaxing a bit.

There are also plenty of guests who are not outgoing. Just friendliness will be enough. In my experience out of 200 guests very small percentage wants to interact. Though I don’t mind at all.


Just a note: The thing guests mention first when they DO leave good reviews is how friendly and informative I am although all I do mostly is meet, greet give a few tips and say have a good time!

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