Can I set multiple languages for my listing?

Is there a way to select different languages for my listing or my host profile so that guests know they can communicate in another language. I swear I remember seeing something like that when I created my account and listing, but I can’t find any place to change it.

It’s under your profile, not your listing. Go to Edit Profile and scroll down to the optional section. That’s where you can add languages.

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My host profile says Deutsch , as I am semi-fluent speaking German.

I have only had one German-speaking guest, who also was fluent in English.


That’s it. I have a preferred language of English in my profile, but I had to add both English and Deutsch as optional languages for both to show up on my listing.

Danke schön!

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@Brian_R170 Brian, my profile is in 2 languages in addition to English. I have not found a key to select each language, instead, my profile first appears in English and below the English version there are the other two languages. I wonder if my potential guests can find me in their own language. I’m hoping someone could clarify as when I initially started hosting it was possible to select the language on top of the page but it appears that it is no longer the case.

I only wanted my listing to appear when a guest sets the filter for host language to Deutsch. It does show up on the listing and in my profile. However, it doesn’t work with the filter. Not sure if it’s something that takes time to propagate. I’m going to give it a couple days.

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