Can I Look Up a Guest’s Profile?

A mother booked a room with us for herself and her adult daughter. The reservation is in the mother’s name. The mother has stayed with us twice before. Nice lady. Great guest.

She mentioned that her daughter has her own Airbnb profile.

Her daughter’s name is familiar to me. I wonder if I know her. Any way to look up someone’s guest profile, even though she’s not booked with us as a guest?

This is just curiosity about the daughter.

Try facebook you would have a better chance, try her name her friends names you know, then look at their friends. One more reason to delete FB!


Edited to add:

Ask your guest…

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Yes ask the mother to add her daughter as a guest to the booking @RebeccaF


This is great advise, as I think the daughter will credit for the review after the stay.

I’ve had two of those recently and only one booked. And mentioned the daughter has a profile as well.

Mother/daughter Spring Break bonding trips? :wink: