Can I Have a Sleepover?

Guest: Can I have a sleepover?

Me: What do you mean?

Guest: I’d like to have a sleepover as a going away party. There will be at least 15 of us. I wanted to make sure this was okay before booking.

Me: Ermmm, no.

(Inquiry was for one person for my six person maximum home with a single bathroom, no parties allowed. I thought the at least 15 was a nice touch. At least they asked first.)


Kudos to the guest for asking. But seriously… people.


Oops, the guest admitted it was a party in your no-parties listing.

And this implies the guest was local, too. You always wonder whether local guests just need the extra space or if they want to do something in your listing they wouldn’t do in their own home. I think this was both.

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@georgiahost - bullet dodged, but I have the giggles now, thinking of my 12 year old and her sleepovers. They never sleep, 3 girls are as loud as a jet at takeoff, and everyone feels like crap in the morning. No thank you!!


I specified up to 12 guests in my listing. Just recently I got an inquiry for a weekend and she asked if I will take 50 people! I have to decline the reservation. I started in Jan. and next week I will have my first booking so hopefully it’ll be a pleasant one.

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maybe these are the same guests I had that wore the matching unicorn onesies while they were here.