Can I do a reservation change to add an extra day at a different price?

As the title says, I’m wondering if it’s possible to submit a reservation change request that adds a day to a guest’s reservation at a different price (either higher or lower) than the nightly rate for the existing reservation. When I look at the reservation change page, it looks like I would have to alter both the dates and the nightly rate to make the final price come out the same as if I had offered one extra day at a different price, but maybe I’m missing something.

@Brian_R170 I think I understand, and if so, then I have done this exact thing. I had to alter the date and then do the math and change the entire price but did it all at once. So, they had a total price instead of the nightly price . I believe I had to add the cleaning fee back in as well.
I used a calculator :nerd_face: Is that what you mean?

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Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Basically, what happened is that I have a guest coming at the end of next week for wedding, they’re arriving on the day of the rehearsal and the rehearsal starts at 1pm, but check-in is 3pm. They just asked me for a crazy early check-in between 8am and 9am to get ready for the rehearsal and I said that normal checkout is 11am and I would need to reserve the entire previous night in order to ensure that works, but I would only charge them 1/3 of the nightly rate for the extra 7 hours.

In reality, that day isn’t actually bookable by other guests due to my minimum stay and preparation time requirements (unless the previous guest cancels), so I think it’s a fair deal to both host and guest.


Can’t you just make a special offer?

I don’t know. Would that effectively create a new 1-day reservation that is back-to-back with the previous one?