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Can I check in early?


The friend can stay over, not a problem at all and the second person charge is only $5. Again, those security cameras will guarantee I know. He probably doesn’t realize they are there. Of course they’re disclosed, but there’s also the line about “you will hear the dogs.” When he asked about the soundproofness of the wall I should have said “Oh I can hear everything, good thing you’re here alone.” LOL.

I’m probably analyzing this all too much. Trying too hard to have my first red flag guest!


The drama builds…

I’m more curious about him asking how soundproof the place is…wonder what he and his friend are going to be up to.


He will probably be just fine… But sometimes you get a funny feeling about guests… You just can’t put your finger on it.


So sleepover it was. She was here from 11:23pm to 6:59am. I was hoping since she has a truck she would carry him away early in the morning with her but no. So I fully expect him to be here until 11 am.

Another review for him appeared last night from a host in Las Vegas. The review says “nice guest, welcome anytime.” But it only shows him as “recommended by one host.” So I’m thinking the LV host gave a thumbs down. I can’t remember if it said recommended with the single review earlier yesterday. In the guest’s effusive review of the host he mentions that he accidentally booked the wrong dates but host was still able to accommodate him so that must be it.

I’ll see if he happens to admit she was here and offer to pay, though I don’t expect that at all. After he checks out and I see how the room is I’ll put in the request for the second person payment. If he accepts and the room is in good condition he will be thumbs up with star deductions. If he ignores the request, thumbs down and 1 star on house rules.

@SandyToes I didn’t hear anything and neither did the dogs.



I’ll betcha’ that’s cuz’ he was flying under the radar and not wanting you to be aware of his overnight guest…but don’t mind me, it’s the ol’ grinch who no longer trusts in my fellow man, and all that. … :confused: - Hope I’m wrong.


The second person charge is only $5. It’s sad really. 20 minutes until check out time and I still haven’t heard a thing. Time to send a message and start vacuuming in the rest of the house.


Yes, get to it! I wouldn’t feel too confident when he doesn’t have his own wheels…eek!


Water heater just kicked on so that means he’s up. He arrived via Uber. I assume he will leave the same way.


He didn’t leave via Uber, he walked away down the street towards restaurants. He left the room fairly clean though there was the top tear off of the Trojan package on the floor along with 2 cents. That would have been my cue to look at the security footage if I hadn’t already been suspicious. I think I’m just going to put in for the $5 and call it even.


Good call. I just love happy endings…er, you know what I mean. … :relaxed:

(hmmm…I don’t know what the top end of a Trojan package looks like…wonder what happened to the rest of it – oh no, maybe down the toilet!)


I’m hoping it made it into the trash which I’m not going to closely examine. He promptly accepted the $5 second person charge request without argument so he’s got a thumbs up from me.


He really owed only $4.98. … :rofl:

I’m glad your record of no red flag guests is still intact!


And I thought it had been a long time for me…:sunglasses:


What if you only allowed early check in for guests who both had good reviews and left good reviews for other hosts (which you can easily check by using this free Chrome extension called Air Review)? I know one of my long standing pet peeves is collective punishment, i.e., none of us can get early check in because some people are jerks.

The fellow I allowed to check in early yesterday turned out to be okay.


You are too funny. At first I didn’t know what it was - I thought it was a rolled up pair of undies.


Karma, I know we have different styles, and this is my two cents only.

This is not a guest worthy of a thumbs up. Here’s my thinking…

He did several things to bug you, first off. Then he had someone over against your rules, and would have walked away from it had you not caught it. Was this a hooker? if this is a guy from out of town, just who did he have over? Then the late checkout. There are many examples of disrespect here and I would NOT want to host this clown. Therefore, I disagree with the thumbs up. He meant to deceive you and would have gotten away with it if you had not have caught him. I dunno. This is just my .02 cents.


Oh no no no, not only early check in, but also they keep asking for late check out. This is my next guests demanding that:
Dear Mirta, our train arrives at 11:19 (on the 16.02) at the central station, i believe we will arrive half an hour later at the apartment! Is it possible to check in then?
And our train back leaves at 17:40 (on 18.02). When is the checkout possible?
Thank you very much and best regards
Today at 7:30 AM · Constanze
So why I established check in and check out times at my listings? This is the most annoying thing about hosting.


This gets me to thinking. I wish they had an option of a half thumbs up. Recommend with conditions. The way it is set up now, You have to choose one or the other… which is why I sometimes forego reviewing the meh guests.


(I’m trying to picture how to do a graphic of a thumb half up.) :thinking:


Mine was a donat factory ! Worked all night for fresh donuts at 7 am. 45 years later I can’t eat donuts

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