Can Airbnb send your payments to a PayPal account

I am a south African who wants to host a SA property on behalf of someone who wants to be paid in dollars not ZAR. Can Airbnb pay the dollars into a PayPal account from which I pay out my client, in dollars, before keeping my commission and transferring it into ZAR.

Airbnb only pays in the currency of the country you’re hosting in. You don’t need to convert just receive in your paypal, keep your percentage, send the rest to the owner and paypal will automatically convert when it reaches the owner’s account

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They can and do use paypal. That is how I get my money.

Thank you. However she lives in France but wants to be paid in dollars.

Living in France and get paid US Dollars for a South African listing… I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. Sounds like money laundering to me!


That will only happen if she has an account that holds dollars. You cant have a french paypal that holds dollars. Anyway you should just forward the money to her PayPal and you shouldnt care on what happens from there.

Exactly. Money laundering likely for purposes of tax evasion.

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