Camera photos, and disclosure

I now have 3 exterior cameras.

  1. Do I need a pic of each in my photos section?

  2. If I do, can I put them into one picture - sort of a montage?

  3. Do the pics have to clearly show where they are, or can I put up a closeup (was concerned about too much information and such)

I have a picture of my Ring close up and one of the ones that is mounted on the eaves. I just say they monitor the parking area and entry. I think you should be clear about what they will be “seeing.” Hosts have reported being suspended in spite of cameras being in the listing because guests reported cameras. So the rule here would be “don’t get cute.”

I used to “hide” what my home looks like but no longer do. It helps guests to know what the front of the home looks like.

With the recent negative publicity about hidden cams being found by guests, I felt that over-disclosure was the best route. Before I had the video cam, I had a still photo from one of the game cams with a warning that guests could be captured if they crossed in front of one of the two cams, mounted on trees in plain sight.

When we installed the video cam, I added a screen shot with a disclosure on it to the gallery on all listings. Then we moved the cam, so I re-did a new screen shot from it, and this is the final image in all of our galleries. We also disclose it in the text of the listing and in the ‘you must also acknowledge’ section the guest sees before booking, so it’s redundant. (Edited to add: I remembered, this picture is also the last section of the check-in guide! lol) There are also 2 stickers that came with the cam, one right under the cam and one on a window that you can’t miss on the front porch so nobody can even try to claim we didn’t disclose as required.

I also felt it was important to reassure guests that these are the only cams and their privacy is respected.


re #2 - i would definitely do a montage because there are 3 cams. just make it clear to the guest what you can see from each cam.

is there software available to do this?

I use android so it’s palm swipe to screen capture. I use a photo editor I downloaded from the app store that I used to put the text on. I use it for lots of other things. If you are on the desktop on Windows, MS Paint is good enough.

If you are on Android, Photo Editor Collage Maker is the app I use, which would allow you to create the montage as well as add the text. It is freeware with ads, they are unobtrusive. I ignore them.

And if you’re on a mac, you can use the editing feature in iPhoto with the Markup option.

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A lot of nice venison going to waste there… can you bow hunt?

Are deer guaranteed? :slight_smile:

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Guaranteed to see them especially if someone feeds them. This is not even a lot pictured. The other day we were watching a congregation of Axis, whitetail, and blackbuck all having supper together there. Must have been 30 or 40 animals in that one spot alone.

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Nobody there eats whitetail. Axis is our primary protein source. No season/tags on them, just an exotic license is required. We harvest one a year. That’s more than enough for the 2 of us.


I simply disclose there is video surveillance, one in front and one in back. I don’t want them knowing the exact field of vision, so they can’t figure out how to bypass them :slight_smile: I believe that’s all Air requires…

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What Air requires and what will get your account suspended are two different things unfortunately.

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Has an account gotten suspended with full disclosure of outside cameras in the Air account?

I think so but I’ve read hundreds of thousands of posts here so I can’t recall exact posts off the top of my head now. You can search the forum if you’re concerned. I’d just keep doing what I was doing and deal with issues if they arise.

No way to set one up so that this is impossible? Evading my cam’s field of view would require trespassing, in which case my cam is going to be the very least of their problems.

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How much in your state for a bow hunting license, and when is the season?

At least you don’t have this guy’s problem… :smile: