Calendar blocked for 12 hours while Air tries to verify potential guest

First time this has happened to me.

Got a message “Will be visiting friends. Can’t wait to stay in your place.” Guests’ name, 7 verifications. No dates in the message, checked phone app, email, and desktop Air site.

Called and was told the reservation request will block my calendar for 12 hours while they check the guests’ verifications. Shouldn’t the verification process be completed before the potential guest is allowed to send a reservation request?

Does the guest know the reservation request is being held up or will she think I am ignoring it? The CS rep seemed vague on that. Anyone else have an issue like this?

I’ve had this happen. It resolved itself in less than 12 hours. I agree with you that the should have been verified prior to having an active account but that’s not the way Airbnb has chosen to do it. God forbid they lose a guest over a host’s booking.

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Yes I’ve had it happen. Yes it’s annoying. Especially on the rare occasion when it’s something like a next day or two days out booking. Blocking the calendar for several hours can be the difference between getting a booking or not getting one for a day or two out. Several weeks or months out I’m not worried about.


Have had this and “awaiting payment/guest has 24 hours to update payment method.” Numerous times. Not once did the booking fall through after blocking the calendar.

In a little over 2 years and close to 200 guests, this was the first time for me…then today it happened again. Both ended up going through ok.

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