Calendar blocked by verified guest for pending reservation?

I just happened to be looking at my calendar, abd there are 5 days blocked out in May. When I click on it, I can see the guest’s info and he has a positive review, but I have not gotten a request or an alert about an instant booking, abd it says status is pending. Is this a glitch? Do I need to call Airbnb or am I just waiting for something to happen- maybe payment?

Edit: just kidding I got the booking now, that was weird not sure what happened but appears sorted. Disregard my question.

It’s not a glitch. Sometimes it can seemingly take a few minutes, sometimes hours. Sometimes the booking goes through, sometimes is doesn’t. The two times I’ve called about this happening to me Airbnb wasn’t able to help me. Did the guy message you?

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Yes. This does happen. Reasons that I know of are 1. Verification has not been completed even though it looks like it has, or 2. Payment has not yet worked.

I require a Government ID and this is the usual reason for my pending… takes time for this to go through properly.


If they do a group booking it may be pending up to 72 hours.

I had a group with a split payment left pending for 72 hours but I thought they had reduced this to 24 hrs. Perhaps my last “pending” was for different reasons but it expired after 24.

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Just the normal “why I’m visiting” message that I ask people to answer when they instant book. It was pending for at least an hour (from when I noticed it). The booking is for 4 people, do maybe they we’re splitting payment or something. It’s confirmed now and his message and his review seem normal.

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I have this problem right now. There are blocked dates in the calendar, but they are still grey not green/blue. There is pending ID verification (I don’t require it). I didn’t receive any message or notification yet, I can only see it in my calendar. If I go to my other listing linked with this one, it say dates are blocked by a linked listing, so nobody can book anything. Reservation starts today. I would really appreciate knowing, if someone is coming today or not, and not have blocked few days, so nobody can book. Can I somehow contact guest to ask them to finish reservation (there is no option to send message) or call Airbnb to solve this?

You need to call Air CS pronto.