Cable TV vs. Streaming

Just curious what other folks out there do. I have a whole-house rental in a vacation/tourist destination. We mostly get families and older couples who are in the area for various activities and such. We have maintained almost 100% occupancy during the core months, and usually 50% during the off-season, which is pretty good.

The one thing we do not offer is Cable TV service. The base cost is about $70 a month, and I despise cable companies. We do offer Hulu, Netflix and other streaming services they can enjoy. My experience is most people who stay here aren’t lounging around watching TV. If they are, it’s usually movies.

Anyone else do the streaming only thing?


Only Netflix for us and other TV on streaming

Streamer here too … I don’t even own a TV anymore but do offer guests a device to stream off in their room.

We have a guest Netflix account as most of them don’t have it

We provide a list of movies they can borrow from us and antenna TV. I leave a comment card and people always say they love the movies and there’s no need to add cable or netflix!

I’m a cable cutter as well. We have a Roku device at our TV and let guests use our Netflix, HBO GO, ESPN, and CNN apps. That seems to appease just about everyone.

I offer Netflix and several guests mentioned it in their reviews. What’s great with Netflix is that they can stream programs in their language :). I now setup a profile with guest name and language before each stay.

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That’s a good idea Barthélemy

I use Amazon TV where HBO Go and Netflix can be accessed. I quit using regular TV services a couple years prior to hosting though.

I have a Roku 3 with Netflix and Hulu and I also pay $20 per month for Sling. It’s streaming cable that has 25 channels (inlcuding ESPN, Comedy Central and all the big news networks), and so far all my guests have loved it. I also have an antenna on the TV for local channels. I have a fair number of guests who are in town for business, and I find that they like to have TV as an option.

We have never in our lives had cable TV and we don’t plan to install it. We have Netflix and Hulu. Very few of our guests have used either. I think most people that want to use streaming services have their own accounts. The guests who have used our streaming services have been Chinese guests.