CA, WA, OR hosts, how are you?

As far as I know, all the AirBnBs where I stayed in November and December are out of the fire zones. But I’m wondering about how Washington, Oregon, and California hosts are doing. A friend from Corvallis said it was like waking up on Mars this morning.

Here’s what it looks like from space:

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Just read a post elsewhere from a host in Salem, Ore. Said the smoke was awful.

My colleagues near Sacramento say the air is really bad. One said he’s been using a leaf blower to blow the ash off of his patio, sidewalk, car, etc.

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Eastern Washington here. Not bad today - yesterday air quality poor for sensitive individuals. Sweeping dirt and ash from the back deck. Expecting the wind to shift tonight. We are being told the weekend will be very bad air quality and to stay indoors. Much worst to the west of us. Have a friend in OR that the fire came within 500 ft of his house.

The closest fire has come to our community this year is about 35 miles away. The season still has a long way to go and the landscape is very dry.


Medford Oregon here (I manage a home in Angels Camp, Calif). Two of our neighborhoods burned (Talent and Phoenix OR - 600 homes and business burned down), and a huge fire near the fairgrounds where 1,000 ppl were evac to. They saved the fairgrounds and the people.

I have a fire, Obenchain, that is about 2.5 miles above my town. It was going north north east, but two days ago, switched directions and is now south, south east. My little pocket is still only on level 1 evacuation. We were on level 2 and got everything calmly staged and ready to leave…

The air is smoke filled and when you blow your nose, it smells like smoke. Ash is covering everything. I can see across the street but not across the fairway. Trying not to go outside. Thankfully the 100 + F degrees have abated and we’re expected to be in the high 80’s for the next few days.

Yesterday they arrested the dude that started the fire that burned those two suburbs.

Hundreds of towns in central and northern Oregon have been burned to the ground from other, larger fires.

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I’m so fearful for everyone that is experiencing fire drama or worse right now. Here, near Los Angeles we have only thick smoke which is from the northern Ca, Or and WA fires, we are cooler than usual because of that.
That gif is a sad visual, shows smoke traveling right down here. No major complaints!

Here in El Paso, at least 1200 miles away our skies have been smoky for days.

An hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise look the same.

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My friend in Phoenix AZ is getting the smoke too. I’ll be its from the monstrous fire outside of Fresno, CA.

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I live about 10 miles from where the CZU August lightning fire was. I was in Lake Tahoe when we got a call that there would be possible evacuations.
We got to camp for one day!! Came back asap.
I’m very fortunate that the fire ended up going south/west from us. But I know many people who lost their homes etc. The repercussions of this horrible fire will be felt for some time.


NE Oregon here.

I went dormant this Spring because of Covid and was contemplating going live with my listings again and then this. Southern and Western Oregon are still in the middle of a conflagration of apocalyptic proportions. The smoke here is beyond hazardous on the AQI (Air Quality Index). Just driving to the store is dangerous. Before moving here, I lived quite a few years in Medford and several friends have lost their homes who live in the Rogue Valley. There is absolutely no where to go to escape the smoke, or the flames. This truly sucks.


Anacortes Washington is about 80 miles north of Seattle. The sky is overcast and we have at least a mile or more of visibility. Its not horrible (like 3 years ago with the B.C. fires) and physically, I don’t notice it at all. We are on an island in Puget Sound so we get a little breeze that perhaps keeps smoke down. The sun broke through yesterday, so I guess the smoke is ‘thinning’.

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Thanks for asking. I’m actually in Milton Freewater and the smoke has been brutal. Our AQI is finally down to Hazardous. The entire Walla Walla Valley is inside. Some restaurants are open but this is not a pleasant place to visit right now.


Just talked to my daughter today who lives halfway up Vancouver Island. They are even getting the smoke up there- so bad she said they really can’t go outside.

So sorry to hear of this, hope it is improving. From the time of my last post we have been days of Hazardous air quailty, finally down to unhealthy with hope for clearer skys tomorrow. Ash on cars, stay inside recommendations.

I can’t even imagine the loss in your area as well as the anxiety of either Level 1 or 2 evaucation orders. Please keep the group updated on your status. Stay safe!

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Skies are clear again, and we’ve had a good cleansing rain.

Skies are clear again, and we’ve had a good cleansing rain.

It would be nice to know where this paradise exists. :wink:

NOT in Southern Oregon! No rain for what seems like forever. Smoke came back yesterday and then this a.m. disappeared.

My primary house is south of Sunriver up South Century Drive. It was bad early on, the AQI index couldn’t even read the numbers; itchy eyes, sore throat, hard to sleep at night. I had one cancellation for this upcoming weekend, guests from California. This past weekend they weren’t sure if they were going to cancel, they didn’t and had a great stay.

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Medford got rain!!

0.03 of an inch.

Been 99 days since the last measurable rain. Record was 112 days without back in 1929.

Smoke still came back the next day, but not as much.