But seriously, folks

This is Thailand! 30°C average all year long!
How could a guest mention that we have a heating system in ???

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Friction burns from bar girls …


Technically, you have solar heating. :grinning:


I get all sorts of weird ones. Does your place have hot water? haha, yes!!

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@MyPlacesInHuaHin – that’s probably a standard canned message, not specifically aimed at you and your listing(s), trying to make sure you have all your amenities listed.

Are you on the coast an Huahin, or inland near the park? Having spent time in Thailand (but upcountry near Chiang Mai, not on the Gulf) , I would be shocked if you had a heating system!!

We have some condos downtown Hua Hin and 2 close to the beach, a bit away from the city.
So far, the lowest temp we got is 25°!

Your guests were just being nice, @MyPlacesInHuaHin, clicking yes on everything. Happens here too, and then the system says “Your guests have indicated…” and it is something laughable.
I travel as a guest, and it is a dilemma when I am asked whether, for instance, there was a stove. If I didn’t need the stove, I didn’t pay attention to whether it was offered, and I don’t always have time to comb through the listing again to see. So I tick “I don’t know” and still worry that my host will get some sort of notice.
“Your guests DON’T KNOW there is a stove. Make sure you show it to them!”
You can just ignore those. Actually, you will have to actively ignore them a bunch of times. I have x-ed away the “oil, salt, and pepper” comment over and over. No one gets any oil, salt or pepper here, but they say they do.

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I periodically receive prompts asking if I have “free street parking”.
NO. You cannot park on the Ranch Road. That’s a state highway. We recommend parking on our property in any of the three designated spots or anywhere along the gravel path that runs the full fenceline of the 2.6 acre parcel, or on the circular drive out front… But no, you may not park on the street! Stop asking! :rofl:

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Pretty clear, now. Thanks!