Business travel ready feature, filter and search criteria

Hello. I’ve recently updated my listing features to fit the business travel ready criteria, but I’m not sure how this works as an advantage. How can one reduce the results of their search only to the business ready listings if the filter doesn’t offer this possibility?

Airbnb is direct marketing to business travelers and corporations and created a custom platform ( They are also offering $50 credits for business trips and other incentives.

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Thank you very much!

Well, this is an interesting line on their business site…

"Feel comfortable in spaces that include essentials such as WiFi and stocked kitchens. "

I don’t remember stocked kitchens being on the list of requirements to qualify.

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Neither do I! Kitchen yes, as far as I remember, but nothing about stocking it.

Kitchen wasn’t even on there…

I just looked and the criteria are:

Wireless Internet
24-Hour Check-in
Hair Dryer
Laptop Friendly Workspace
Smoke Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector

No mention of a kitchen, stocked or not.

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I’m ‘Business Traveller’ ready for every criteria - EXCEPT it’s not a whole apartment or house. It’s a granny flat. So it doesn’t have a fully equipped kitchen.
That’s no issue for the business travellers but when other travellers see entire apartment or house, they assume there’s a kitchen and tv room!
Airbnb need to finesse their criteria a little.

I suppose it depends on what a ‘fully equipped kitchen’ really means. We have a tiny kitchen in the rental but it has everything except a dishwasher - which one guest commented about in the private feedback section.

To me, I really doubt that business travellers need the facility to cook gourmet meals. A small fridge, microwave, coffee maker and maybe hotplate should do.

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I got a crack once about no dishwasher …and I don’t even advertise that I have a kitchen…so it’s a bonus feature when they get here.

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Under-promise and over-deliver!


Would a dining room table qualify as a laptop friendly workspace? Otherwise my space is almost ready for “business traveller” except missing carbon monoxide detector and iron also.

This is yet another issue. What is a laptop friendly workspace? I work from my laptop from the sofa, Does that count? We have a console table that can be used as a desk. The wifi is available from the dock. So what exactly does a laptop friendly workspace mean?

I would say something near an outlet like a dining table or desk that a person could sit and work on a Powerpoint presentation or emails.

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The only thing we were missing from the criteria was “no pets live on property.” We have a dog that we let exercise and use the restroom in a fenced yard adjacent to the guest house.

I feel like “no pets on property” may be open to interpretation though, so I went ahead and selected it to get the business-traveler ready designation. Fact is, our dog is never outside for more than 15 minutes without us and only between 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and she’s in a fenced part of the yard. We have business travelers all the time (we’re in walking distance of Walmart’s headquarters), and this has never been an issue. I’ll just have to make sure they understand that we have a dog during the booking process.

I’m with you on this one Benton. I’m in almost exactly the same situation as you, but have chosen to say that we have “pets on the property”. I’ve done that for a variety of reasons. However, it bugs me that I’m missing out on the extra SEO because of a grey area. I wish ABB would be more specific about what business travellers are actually looking for. Is it to not worry about getting slobber and pet hair all over their work clothes? I can offer that. If it’s a question of allergies, that doesn’t belong with the business traveller criteria…it belongs with the general guest population criteria. Have you spoken with ABB about it?

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Just for the record @VA4LOVERS @jaquo @JSquared if you hover over Laptop Friendly Workspace on the amenities page it says “A table or desk with space for a laptop and a chair that’s comfortable to work in

Damn. I meet every single one of those criteria except for 24-hour check in. Oh, HELL to the no.

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@Lucy_R - thanks for the clarification. Our dining table and console table are both great places to work.The chair though is a regular dining chair. That seems to be approved by business guests — so far.

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I could probably do the 24-hour check in… but seriously the airport in Kona doesn’t have any more mainland flights landing after 12 midnight. So the chances of a 3am check in are quite low… ?