Bunk room and privacy questions

I need some feedback regarding space and privacy in a bunk type room. We are building a new home in Alaska and will be using approx 1500 sq ft for an Airbnb . We are creating a type of second floor bunk /dorm area with solid wall dividers but only curtain style door closures due to code. We did this so people could have privacy instead of one large room with multiple beds. Each space accommodates a twin bed with light/stand/charging station. They are very small areas. The space also has two other full size bedrooms with queen beds. It sleeps 8-10 with 3 bathrooms/ kitchen/ great room and upstairs sitting area.I would appreciate any feedback on if this was a good idea. It’s unique for sure and am hoping it draws those adults who want a bit more privacy.

2 full size bedrooms with queen beds means you can sleep 4 in the bedrooms, so you are planning to cram another 4-6 beds in the curtained area?

I suppose it depends on what demographic of guests you are going to be catering to- if it’s young backpacker/ hiker types, it could be okay, but personally I am always put off by seeing listings where they seem to be cramming guests in like sardines. It looks greedy to me.

A curtain is not really what most adults consider to be privacy.

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How many bathrooms are you offering?

The OP said there are three.

It’s very common for groups that are going fishing to stay in houses with bunk rooms. We were just trying to offer more privacy. The curtain is at the doorway for 3 of the guests. There is a pull out couch that flexes for the added 2.

Well, you know the clientele that will book with you and what they expect. And market towards that demographic in your listing.

A curtain is certainly better than no privacy at all. Just make sure the curtain isn’t skimpy- that it will cover the space without having to be constantly adjusted. I.e. twice the width of cloth as the space to be covered, not just a few inches wider.


What you’re saying is that you’re creating something “better” than a bunk room.

So, the questions to ask:

  • Are “bunk rooms” popular in your area?
  • What kind of guests visit your area and are bunk rooms popular with them?
  • What size group do you expect or want to host?

Apart from whether it’s appropriate for your area, one downside I can see is that by having two full size rooms and a bunch of “very small” rooms, you will be unnecessarily cramping groups of only 3 or 4 adults.

BTW, you said your small rooms fit a twin bed and you very specifically said you are targeting adults, so I would very strongly recommend TwinXL beds instead of twin beds.

I had a family member stay here for a few days. It was actually quite nice, and this was with strangers not a particular group https://vailbunkhouse.com.

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Thanks so much for all the feedback! I will look into the twin xl beds. Great suggestion!

Yes, our idea is to create a better than bunk room. Our guests expect bunk rooms in the area based on their traditional group size of 8-10 for fishing. Most of our competition has actual bunk beds in open large rooms. I really appreciate the suggestion of an xl twin