Breathing easier now, but....may I vent?

I lost my 100% 5-Star rating the other day after 150+ guests and two years of hosting. I had a guest coming for three nights. She told me her flight was arriving at noon and was there any way I could allow for an early check in. I prioritized my morning so that I could have the apartment ready for her three hours early. When she tried to use the lock code I sent her, it failed because I inverted two of the numbers. My mistake. I was right upstairs and was out to help immediately. Of course, I apologized and welcomed her. When she wrote my review, she gave me 3 stars for check in - stating that it was “fabulous that I arranged for her to check in three hours early but there was a glitch with the code.” THREE STARS?! Really? She was inconvenienced for maybe ONE MINUTE and that negated the favor of checking in and getting settled three HOURS early.
So here’s the thing - I really believe that she thought the STAR rating part was just between us and the public wouldn’t see that. How can Air make it more clear what is everyone can see and what is private between guest and host? I haven’t responded to her review yet. I’ve written a number of responses trying to find a professional tone. What would you say?

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Nothing. I wouldn’t respond at all.


Smart lock like resort lock or erentalocks takes care of wrong codes

Don’t do early check-ins.

Stop sweating over 5 star reviews. Obsession kills. Explain move on and be happy


Exactly. Worrying about this given your current record is an even bigger waste of your time than responding to the review.


I believe the quality of your property photos, home décor, nightly rate, extra amenities and property location are the most important factors for guests choosing your listing.

As long as you have at least an 80-percent positive rating, I would not sweat this one three-star ding.


My understanding is that it was 3 stars for check-in, but assuming the overall was still 5-stars.


@Arbek Rebecca, I know it’s really hard, but forget about it. Guests are often unappreciative and unfair, and most have no idea of the damage they are causing by their careless reviews.


what a brat !
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Probably won’t affect your overall rating, if you have 150+ 5-star reviews. Let it go. Don’t respond publicly to the review. I recently had a guest say in her review that I had “few amenities.” For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I didn’t have that she might need, so I sent her a note letting her know that I am always looking to improve and would appreciate it if she would let me know what was missing… Ready? Kleenex! Really??? That means that there are few amenities? And for that she gave me 3-stars. I didn’t say anything… but I wanted to… oh, I really, really wanted to. Had she asked, I could have put a box in her room. In fact I asked her if she needed anything. Most of my long term guests don’t ask for this, as they are fairly self sufficient and bring their own tooth paste, soap, shampoo etc., although I have all those items available. Rarely do have guests that need facial tissue, so I stopped putting it out. Oh well… Next!


I would not respond




150 five star reviews and no lunatics. Move on and count yourself lucky


Any potential guest, with a brain, will gawp at her meaness. Don’t let it bother you.


3 stars for checkin isnt the same as 3 stars overall… and definitely shouldnt affect SH status. I dont think the individual categories are even seen, are they? Dont sweat it


Move on and forget it. There’s absolutely no reason to get stressed about a three star rating for check in, especially when you admit yourself that it was your fault. It’s not a good first impression if the guest can’t even get in, no matter how quickly you rectified it.


I don’t completely agree with the above … I say: shout about it, stamp your feet, call your guest the vilest names you can think of, compose a withering note to her and a devastating review, make a voodoo doll of her if you wish …

…THEN , and having vented here and know that we feel your pain, do the Frozen thing and “Let it Go” …


The overall was 4 stars.

That’s true. I get that. It’s a bad first impression, but I have to say I’m surprised that she wasn’t able to balance that against the fact that she was using the code three hours early.

Yes, thank goodness, I didn’t reply right away. It wouldn’t have been my best moment.

Yes like everyone else mentioned let it go. We had a guest ask for late check out. OK no problem we can be nice . But then it backfired on us as she wrote a negative comment in her review.
Lesson learned. We now don’t allow early or late check in or check outs.


Ha! Right. I do consider myself to be really lucky. Only one terrible guest - whole other story - and then this women, who was a fine guest but perhaps doesn’t have the same idea of balance and appreciation as I do when I travel.