Breakfast error in listing

Help, I’m an Airbnb virgin and have just published my first listing yikes…I’ve noticed that my profile lists that I serve breakfast - I don’t! I didn’t tick any box when setting up my listing stating this (I’m a self-catering property) and cannot find how to delete this - any clues please??

It should be listed under amenities offered

Thank you so much! That was very hidden away…:hushed:

As a general rule Airbnb Help Centre and the Community Guides on Airbnb’s Community forum are your ‘go to’ resources for all the basics around how Airbnb works @gill38e

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I found when you initially set up your listing, there are amenities x, y, z available. When you go back to edit, there is m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,x,z. So WAY more than available in the initial set up. After I create a listing, I go back and go through all the rest of the amenities and set them up.


I found they defaulted to “with breakfast”. Yup, double check everything

Very few Airbnb’s offer the breakfast amenity around here. Of those that do, there’s only about .5% that actually offer a home cooked breakfast. Most of them leave out a basket of ‘bars’ whatever the heck that is, cereal etc.

I tried doing a self-serv ‘continental’ breakfast once. There was coffee, boiled eggs, yogurt, orange juice, milk, toast, bagels, English muffins, bars, instant oatmeal, cereal and waffles.

Inside the fridge was pre-measured cups of home made waffle batter to be poured inside of a vertical waffle maker like this:

It was still too difficult for most guests and it just generated more complaints than usual even though the prices actually stayed the same. So I stopped doing the breakfast thing and guests are happier than ever! I just found that when you mix food into things, you invite in a lot of really :poop: attitudes. Some people feel entitled to complain that you don’t have humane organic honey or gluten free cupcakes. Others yet will sit down and expect you to serve them.

I still have all that equipment including the cool combo coffee-maker, grill/toaster oven, the fridge with glass door (wine cooler). Its just another one of my experiments that I tried and it failed. Most recently was a hot tub and while its not completely gone, I’ve taken it off as an amenity after some experiences with high pressure demanding guests.


I’m just about to take off breakfast as an amenity too. I have nothing as nice as your set-up but I’m finding that most people don’t expect it and don’t use it so it’s a waste of time. I’ll still put out tea, coffee and cereal because it’s there anyway and no skin off my nose but I’m taking it off as an offered amenity.

Unless you host 10+ rooms, it just doesn’t make sense.

I have that combo coffee maker/oven/grill! The coffee maker and toaster oven get plenty of use, but the grill is still a virgin as far as I can tell. As is the rice cooker and the teeny electric skillet. Oh well, 50% of my guests DO consume something of the cereal, juice & bagels. And the poptarts go pretty quick (ugh! yuk!).
I’ve thought of dropping it but the ones that do eat it have an early flight or some other circumstance where they really appreciate it.

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First year my home made muffins were a big hit, until they wanted only organic sugar, yada yada. Now I create a stash of fruit etc on the counter and people can he’ll themselves.

It looks terrific. Better than any self-service Airbnb breakfast I’ve come across. Honestly, guests just don’t know when they’re lucky… :slight_smile:

We have always prepared full breakfasts and consider it a key element to a true BnB. Invariably our reviews include raves about the breakfasts and we are certain this has attracted bookings.


Those breakfasts are gorgeous as is your home. I’d love to stay there.

I actually added breakfast this year but it is only instant oatmeal and coffee/tea/cocoa k-cup. The first couple guests loved it and even left positive reviews about it. Since then no one has even touched it. When it expires I make my own breakfast at home.

Thank you, yes I eventually found it in the Extra Amenities section, which is weird!

Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I didnt have any intention of serving breakfast as it is a self-catering property, I just couldnt figure out how to change the setting, but thanks to you all,I now have!

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Your breakfasts look amazing. I’m glad that they earn you rave reviews.

I wouldn’t agree that providing breakfast is an essential part of an Airbnb experience.

I would say the majority of hosts whether offering whole listings, or Airbnb within their home don’t offer it.

Many of us work outside of the home and therefore aren’t available to cook breakfasts for our guests, host remotely, host guests who prefer to eat out, or offer accommodation at a price point where it is not economic to do so,

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I think BnB means true bed and breakfast where it certainly is part of the experience. I’m sure true B & B owners hate Airbnb’s name. LOL.


I don’t have breakfast checked either. There are some people who don’t pay attention and think that because the company is called “Air bed n breakfast” that we should definitely offer breakfast.

I’ve found it handy to leave a few packets of oatmeal and some dry cereals in the place, along with coffee & tea. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to ensure guests feel taken care of.