Bookings six months into the future; what does it mean?

I have my preferences set to 6 months into the future - but I just got a request for next July - and when I search for July my listing comes up.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

For me, it means that everything beyond that is blocked. I am not quite ready to start accepting bookings for the busy months. I think I might want to reserve a few days for us! Last summer I wasn’t able to enjoy the warm months as much as I might like to in the future.

There have been [as we all have seen] glitches that change things in our listing and calendar, and then when they fix the glitch the residue is left behind.

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This is typical for snowbirds who like to return to the same place again and again. Makes sense especially if they book for a few months for the winter.

But waaaaait! My question is - I set the preferences for ‘6 months into the future’ but got an inquiry about July - beyond that time - so while I’ve specified to limit bookings to the next 6 months, I’m getting them for 7 months in the future.

Why is that?

Oh, I’m confused. Under preferences I clicked ‘6 months’ and it says guests won’t be able to book anything beyond 6 months from today - so I haven’t blocked the calendar.

It must just mean something other than what I think it means…

None of these controls work on anything but IB. I had seven day minimum for New Years week but because they booked half that week and all of the next two, I took their reservation. However, the system did not stop them.

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Have you gone in and blocked out your calendar?

No, because I thought choosing that option was going to do it for me. Hmph.

I don’t think it does, obviously. I keep updating my calendar and pushing the available future dates back. Because I’m on IB I’m always afraid I’m going to have to cancel someone because I want to take a hosting break.

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We’ve got our trip to Norway planned for June of 2017! :relaxed: We are very excited. I don’t normally plan that far ahead, but I’m glad I did because I’ve been able to keep that thought in ‘reserve’. Most of the difficult planning work is done and I can enjoy the anticipation!

And the whole idea started because a fellow host on this forum posted their listing and I became smitten!

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Weird. Mine is also set to 6 months and my calendar shows everything blocked after 19th may. I definitely didn’t do it manually. What does your calendar look like? Is it showing as blocked but the guests were able to book anyway?

I just set mine to 6 months the other day and when I went to adjust prices for 7 months the calender was blacked off.

I’ve had lots of buggy stuff, but I’ve never had inquiries for periods where the calendar is blocked.

I do, however, normally have a lot of bookings six months out. I’m in the NY area and the majority of my guests (80%) are international guests, and they tend to book way in advance. I’m almost booked up for April (French holidays) and have bookings as far as September next year.

Ummm, I think that is a different kind of Norway. :smile:

It is blocked but they see your listing and want it.

Totally loved that :heart:

Nope, it’s showing nothing blocked. Yes, I show up when I search for July dates, and had an inquiry today for July.

How far ahead is it showing blocked, then? It’s obviously blocked at some point.

no, not blocked at all. totally open

I thought Airbnb doesn’t allow booking more than a year or so, by default.