Booking for 2 but need separate rooms

Is there anyway to charge extra for people who book for 2 but I find out they are individuals who need to use both bedrooms. I have gauged my price on a couple (2 people) using one br.

If they’re using two bedrooms then it should be booked as two separate bedrooms. What is the wording you have on the listing?

Do you have a queen size bed in each room? Might be a good idea to have a queen in one room for couples and two twin beds in the other bedroom for friends traveling together. This way they’re sharing a room but not the bed. You can list each room separately on Airbnb with a description like “for couples” and “for friends traveling together.”

If they have booked a whole listing then you can’t charge them extra unless in the listing you clearly state that the price for two people is based on them using one room and there is an extra cost if they occupy two rooms . @ThePoint


Here are 2 options:

  1. Price your listing so that you cover cleaning and wear and tear of all bedrooms (and bathrooms) regardless of the number of guests. One thing some hosts don’t account for is that even when a reservation has only one guest, nothing stops that one guest from using all of the beds, all of the towels, etc., and unfortunately, a few guests will do it.

  2. Create multiple linked listings for the same property. For example, if your property has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, you could create 1 listing that includes 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and another listing that includes 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and then link the calendars so they can’t be booked simultaneously. When guests book the 1-bedroom listing, you lock the doors to the 2nd bedroom and bathroom. You have to be careful on the 1-bedroom listing to NOT include any photos of the 2nd bedroom and bathroom, and you probably want to be clear in the listing description about the 2 listings in the same property to avoid guest confusion.


If you’ve got two rooms then it’s going to happen, Did your accountant calculate your nightly rate? If so, I’d get a new accountant.

Our apartments have one bedroom and one bed but because of our location (I assume?) we sometimes have people staying who don’t want to sleep in the same room or same bed.

There can be plenty of permutations - I even had a couple where one of them snores!

I used to offer a king bed and then the den could be set up as a twin bed. My price included 2 people and third person as an extra $25 a night.

If two people booked but they wanted me to set up the day bed, then I charged a $25 bed fee.

A guest complained and I was informed by Airbnb that I am not allowed to do that.

A) So my options were to get rid of the option of sleeping on the daybed in the den.
B) Set up two listings, one with the 2nd bedroom or one with just the king.

I decided that it was much nicer just renting the 1 bedroom for couples (or close friends that don’t mind sharing the bed).

But for someone like you who may not really mind them using that room as a bedroom, guest will like that option and from my experience, you will get more bookings. If this is the case, the best scenario is to set up two listings and sync them. I bet you can find a post on this forum on how to do it. Someone here may have explained how to do it.

Part of that decision is that my bedroom is under the den and the floor boards squeak. I don’t hair the tv or music but if someone gets up in the middle of the night, it wakes me up.

What’s been happening lately is that guests seem to think that it’s ok to sleep on top of the daybed but I can tell because it wakes me up. I’m now debating removing the daybed and getting some comfortable chairs instead.

Thank you for your responses. I like the idea of having two separate listings, one for using a br the second for being able to use the two bedrooms. I didn’t think of this so appreciate all your comments and support. I will consider putting a lock on the 2nd br not sure. I have a couple who asked what the additional cost for a 3 yr old as they brought a portacot. In hindsight I need to revisit this as they used the 2nd br and bed as a change table, there is the use of everything as you say and the additional noise factor is something else. My site does say not suitable for children and they did ask and I said yes. Learning as I go. I am changing some of my rules to being quiet between 10pm-7am, etc. I have a very idyllic place and live upstairs.

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yes, this was driving us crazy. Our base rate was $180/night based on 2 people in one room but we were getting a high number of people wanting two rooms for that same price. or even 3 people wanting 3 rooms, and only paying an extra $45 for the 3rd person, but getting 3 rooms (basically paying $80pp which is crazy cheap here), and also we found people would invite a friend over cos they had a “spare” bed or room they thought they could fill. It doesn’t matter what was written in the listing, pick one: they don’t read, they don’t care, they don’t think, they try to squeeze extra value.

So, we’ve made a sep listing for both of our 3 bedroom suites.
We charge a very reasonable rate for just the one room, but I’ve pushed up the base rate for the other listing so if two people are wanting 2 rooms they’ll pay a bit more. Actually it’s not even close to what you’d pay around here for 2 hotel rooms. I write a reminder in the messaging when they arrive to only use one room. We don’t lock off the other room as i want them to be able to see the whole space (and tell their friends), and also one of the rooms has utility cupboards with cleaning items, ironing boards, fan, heater, etc.

So far so good!

What is the actual cost difference for you to launder the linens on one additional bed? The actual price? And do you not wash them regardless?

We drop off our linens at a wash and fold and it’s only an extra $8-10 to launder an additional set of sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover. And, obviously, all of the linens on all of the beds need to be washed every time anyway, so what’s the difference?

We’re only listing our studio right now but we had our two 2-bedrooms on airbnb for a couple of years and couples who needed 2 beds were our bread and butter in those units. They were about 60-70% of our bookings and all of them were mature, quiet, polite and always out because they were usually staying to visit their adult children/see grandkids. Ideal guests.

It’s worth considering the actual cost and accounting for it somehow. You don’t want to deter these mature couples who simply need a second bed.

I don’t know, but reading your post makes me think of all kinds of idioms, which I tend to mix up but I believe there is bathwater and bullets in feet and babies and maybe eggs, not sure :wink:


Unfortunately? Why shouldn’t they?

What’s the difference between 1 guest using 5 beds or 10 guests using the same 5 beds?

Nothing. If your listing has 5 beds, you will always have 5 sets of linens to launder between guests.

Yeah, exactly. That’s the way I feel about it, too. However, hosts that have per-guest (or per-bed) pricing generally do not.

Thank you Brian, I will do another listing - Anne