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Booking 2 years into the future

Hi - this is my first post and hope it is not a topic trudged on elsewhere that I could not find…

We have an inquiry for a 3 month stay, however the booking request is for peak season in 2022.

The requester is new to AirBnB.

What are your thoughts on accepting this guest?

Tell’em to come back to you in 2021.



Thanks JohnF. That is what we were leaning towards as well.

I don’t see the benefit to you. You don’t get any money in advance of check-in and your rates will likely go up in 2+ years. Depending on your peak season occupancy, you could make even less if there’s a substantial discount involved for longer stays.

If Airbnb actually gave you money in advance instead of keeping it themselves, that could change things a bit.

Nope. I get bookings a year in advance often when people are here for an annual event. They book for next year during their stay. But there’s no way I’d accept a three month booking two years in advance - that’s just bonkers. And especially from a stranger.

He or she must be a bit odd. Airbnb hosts come and go and even for those who stay, there are still unforeseen circumstances that might prevent you having guests during that period - repairs to your property, for example.

I always have doubts about people booking for so long using Airbnb. Why are they using a booking site that specialises in short term rentals? Is it because they know that there’s no way they’ll pass any credit (or other) checks that most landlords require?


Is the last name McFly?


First, I would not, personally accept a booking for three months. That is not a Short Term Rental, which is the segment of the accommodation business that we are in. Also, depending on where you live, stays of more than 29 days can open you up to potential legal problems because people who book for 30 days or more can get Renter’s Rights, not ‘visitor’s rights’ and renters can be costly, legally, to evict.

Second, as mentioned above, your costs of doing business are certainly go up in two years. Other things in your life may happen as well, whereby you may not want to stay in this business, this country, or…

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And what’s the likelihood that this guest will actually end up taking the planned trip in two years and stay at @Pkraus’s location? Meanwhile, those dates on the OP’s calendar would be blocked to other guests the whole time.

Just as many things could happen in @Pkraus’s life that would affect hosting, many things could happen in the guest’s life that would affect “guesting."

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First, maintain your response rate - immediately write back “Thank you for reaching out to us. Our 2022 Calendar is not yet open”.

In any case I would NEVER accept a 1 or more month booking on airbnb. I would always do that direct with an iron-clad lease arrangement and big up front deposits.

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