Book now, pay part now, the rest later, new airbnb strategy?

I have noticed in my calendar if you book ahead you can pay half now, the rest later. This is absolutely now and only in some months ( from October on in my case). This is copy of the info I got when I tried to look in my calendar yesterday
"When booking you pay for authorized credit card or PayPal, you will be able to pay a portion of the total amount now and the remaining amount of the impending arrival.

Under this option you will not be charged any additional fees.

What happens on the day of my second payment?
From your side anything. The second payment will charge the due date, and payment method used to make the booking.

If there are any problems with this payment, we will send you updates by e-mail. If we are unable to settle the remaining payment, cancel your reservation on your behalf and the money will be refunded according to the cancellation policy the host."

I’m confused by your post. Are you a host or a guest? If you’re a host did this message come up in your listings calendar ?

It’s odd that a message on buying now paying later would appear in a hosts calendar tbh…

In the meantime Airbnb’s payment information has not changed and does not mention this new method of payment:

Perhaps you can provide a screenshot of what you’re looking at.

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I would NOT be surprised if they went in this direction because it is one of the few advantages of VRBO/HomeAway over Airbnb. Guests like the flexibility. As I have stated many times, I am now getting more guests from HA/VRBO and I think that is why.


Don’t forget and payment at the property.

Trip advisor too, but you as the host can choose whether you prefer this option or not. Jana, are you in the US? I know Air sometimes does beta tests throughout the world.

I am from Prague and noticed it for the first time yesterday when I played a little with my listing and it looks like it isn´t optional.

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May I just gush about your city and say how much I loved it?! I was there over NY! Have you shared your listing before? If you don’t want to post it publicly you may PM me. I’m curious… ;)[quote=“Jana, post:6, topic:13200, full:true”]
I am from Prague and noticed it for the first time yesterday when I played a little with my listing and it looks like it isn´t optional.


oh… just post the listing URL. Great location!

Very nice (and popular!) apartment.

I don’t think I found it yet!!! It got me surfing all the others. I briefly looked over Air when we were going to be visiting, but NO ONE had availabilty over New Years! Especially not in Prague 1. So we went with a hotel in Prague 10 and were happy with our place.


Are you looking for her listing? I just copied the title she provided and pasted it onto the Google search bar and it immediately came up…many times.

The host’s name is different but it must be her/her apartment – everything fits. It’s a little more than you paid for your hotel but it’s really nice and modern and very livable…and all those cute neighborhood shops (ahh!).

Oh… I pasted it into Airbnb and I did get a different host name. Now that I have been there I think I would want to stay across the river, in what they call Lesser Prague, it’s a very nice area as well. 1 can get crowded with tourists. No one anywhere in 1 (I checked Wimdu as well) had any availability over the Christmas-New Year’s week.

I saw this new policy on my listing yesterday, and I don’t like it a bit. I looked at other listings and found that only a few of them have it, which means to me that AB&B is experimenting with that. I could not find the common denominator of listings that have this option or not.

I don’t want to have this option on my listing, and annoyed I found out about it accidently (no one asked me about my willingness to do that). Although theoretically, it should not influence me, I do think it cheapens my listing and makes it easier for people to take advantage of. I was lucky enough not to have cancellations yet and would like the situation to stay as is. In short, I want to cancel it. Any thoughts?

A screenshot would still be useful as a lot of us don’t know what this is.


They are offering this for a one night stay? Not a fan… I understand for a longer stay, or a wildly expensive property… but not in this case.

It does not have to be a one night stay. I saw it for longer requests as well.

But for me it doesn;t really matter. I rather not have it at all.

Was this text translated? I can’t seem to understand their policy if they can’t collect the remaining amount from the guest…What happens then? Host only gets what is paid (half of the amount) even if your cancellation policy is strict?

@NYhost thank you for posting the screenshot.
And btw, have not seen this option on my listing YET.


Attached is the screenshot of the text. This is their language.