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Board Games: Could be enjoyable for guests to have some?

I’m thinking about leaving some board games to play for my guests. I’m talking about the classic ones like Chess, Scrabble, UNO, and some other playing cards. Do you think it could be a good idea? If so, which board games would you suggest me to leave? My place is for a maximum of 2 guests so Monopoly or Risk might not be suitable for them (you need more players to enjoy them)

I think it’s a great idea and I’ve been considering it. Maybe Battleship, some puzzles, and make sure you have pads of paper and pencils available. I think I’ll have to move some things up to my apartment!

We have a ‘games table’ whih open and unfolds to display chess/checkerboard, playing pieces, backgammon board, pieces/dice cup, and several decks of cards. A number of our guests have used the table…

I have Travel Trivia and something else that someone left behind. None of them have been used yet.

I love buying and testing board games. Everything that has a multi-language manual is stored down at the apartment. Only one group of guests out of 90 used them (or told me).
I also provide a nintendo (3/90) and netflix/amazon prime (6/90).
It’s not worth it but I’ll still provide because we use that stuff on our own.

@dcmooney The last board game I played was Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Special Edition! Ha! I was playing with my 10 year old godson. He won…


Complex board games are the latest craze… I’m talking about titles like Race for The Galaxy, Twilight Struggle, sentinels of the Multiverse, Trains, etc.

If you get a lot of Millenials consider a few of these. My boys love them.

I got a pretty huge collection. It’ a nerd thing maybe.

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Race for The Galaxy is awesome.

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The boys have recruited me into playing with them! When I don’t have guests, we use the suite to play board games. My favorites are Twilight Struggle and Trains.

Easier learning curve is in Code Names. Fun fun fun!

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I chucked a Scrabble game. It only takes one person to lose the most valued “letter.” I finally decided on games where one missing piece isn’t go be an issue with die hard game players. While we all like to think guests are so easy going, you don’t want to get reamed in a review for having shabby games.

Be careful if you have families with kids. I resented them when I would find domnino pieces, the Jack of spades cards, etc under the movie seats. I finally chose games that are more family oriented, and am clear on my expectations of how the games are to be treated. Some people just go to the thrift store each year to replace missing game pieces. I have no desire to encourage “vacation” behavior: This is part of my “house notes” which is different than my “house rules” on Airbnb.

“Children: Parents are to properly supervise their children at all times. The home is not child proofed and does not offer “toys.” There is a Dollar Store down the road if you need to purchase toys for your child. Family games are to be cared for and returned to their original location with all game pieces included. Please do not allow your children to use Directv manuals as coloring books. Drink coasters are also not to be used as toys/Frisbees. All horseshoes and croquet sticks/balls should be placed back in their original location and accounted for. Missing items will be charged to the guest. I wish I didn’t have to insert this section, but after several negative experiences I found it necessary to be clear on expectations.”

Hardly anyone has touched my new games since :slight_smile:

I offer:

Reverse Charades
Spot it
Tell Tale Fairly Tales

There are a couple of other simple games…but cannot recall right now. But I have no desire to offer Monopoly and Candyland, etc…

There are many games and toys in my Airbnb (I market families), but several adult guests told me they enjoyed playing with the box of LEGOs.

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We have lots of games and puzzles in our guest room - frankly, we need a place to store them. However, as far as I know, over 80 groups (avg number of guests 3.6) no one has used them ever. However, most groups are here for 3 nights and they are on the tour morning, noon & night. Some families bring their own games.

However, when we travel, especially in cabins/remote areas, we enjoy playing games that are there and it feels really nice to see them. I think it’s a thoughtful addition.

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Ticket to Ride

Soooooooooo addictive!


Have you seen AirBnB’s new spot obviously directed toward families… Kids are doing cartwheels across hiply decorated flats while other rug rats are jumping on beds!!! Meanwhile copy reads, book securely, belong there, find just the right place for everyone, etc…" Yikes.

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I have to go look.

I finally ordered your recommendations for floor mattresses and should be arriving next week. No more air beds. And guess what?? The very last air bed that was used as back up has been ruined too. Unreal. I think Chesky was able to have air beds because adults were using them. I don’t know…it is just crazy to me, and how the rest of the home is not destroyed?

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We have several board games and I don’t think they’ve ever been used.

But omg soooooo stressful!!! ; )

I provide board games. I’ve only seen evidence of them being played maybe 3 times out of 60+ groups, but maybe 6 guests have mentioned the board games as a positive feature that made them feel at home. So I think guests like having them even if they don’t play them. (Same with the Wii and DVD player.)

My husband is really into complicated board games (he is even at a board game convention this weekend) and approved the games I selected for the guests: simple ones where he won’t be upset if the pieces are lost Yahtzee, Boggle, checkers, banana-grams type games.

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Lol…wow - a board game convention. I knew I chucked Scrabble with the missing tile for a reason…ha! I sure don’t want to disappoint…

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