Blood stains lots!

I had a guest that’s daughter had a bike accident. Consequently she bled on the base sheet, top sheet, bed spread, doona protective cover, mattress protective cover, blanket, pillow case and used an extra bed on top of it all. This was after attending the hospital. Surely you would be careful if you had a major accident and white sheets? Took an extra 2hrs cleaning. Even blood on light switches. Thought would need to dispose of sheets? Extra Coast AU $90.
The guest only mentioned after I asked. Her goodbye message was, “thanks for staying at your lovely home, we did not use bbq so left clean!” No mention of lots of blood!
I want to charge her what do you think?

Peroxide and cold water removes blood. What cost $90?


To replace linen would cost $90 for three items.

How do you treat women’s accidents on the sheets?

A woman’s period accident is different to a full on situation like this. The guest advised the daughter had a accident went to hospital. After I asked. Six white linen items with blood, plus a blanket. Not your normal period situation.

I’ve decided to request $60 which I feel more than reasonable.


We had a guest who had a “women’s accident” on the morning of the check out. I guess they were in a rush and couldn’t fix it but there was blood in the bed, on the carpet, on the floor, on the door handle, on the door, on the bathroom floor and on the towels. Of course it looks like a bloody mess - I mean it literally IS a blood mess. I was absolutely infuriated but my wife tells me to calm down because for women this is a monthly routine and accidents can happen. The best solution is hydrogen peroxide. It works like magic. There were no stains at all. We didn’t charge extra for this because we use hydrogen peroxide so frequently its now one of our staple house cleaners. So @Debster you might just consider this as the cost of doing business. It sounds as if they were good guests and accidents do happen. Just my twopence.


Wash them in Clorox bleach. I personally wouldn’t bring it up because it was an accident. Mom probably wasn’t aware of the bloody mess left behind. Kids don’t always tell their parents everything.


I think you’re within your rights to request some reimbursement but it strikes me as not being the most hospitable response to a guest being injured while staying in your home, esp when they now have an ER bill to contend with (but that’s neither your fault nor responsibility…)


FWIW: This thing has saved my mattress many many times. Feels almost like plastic underneath but doesn’t have that “crunchy” plastic feel. I layer another mattress topper over it and then the sheets.

We have these on all beds:

Despite the waterproof layer on the bottom, no one has ever commented on it, and in my opinion, once the beds are made up you’d be hard pushed to know it’s there. Cheap enough to have spares, just in case.

Saved our mattresses from more than one little lady’s nocturnal accident, and other bodily fluids…

Interestingly, we had a supply of sanitary pads in one apartment but not the other. The other had a few accidents, but the one with pads rarely did. Since making sure there is a supply in both apartments, we’ve been menstrual blood free now for a year or so. One of those why didn’t we think of that before moments!


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@Debster, yes, just use the peroxide and the sheets will come clean. I have some oxi-clean spray that works wonders, too.
But I wanted to comment about the message.

My last messy guests, whose leavings included red wine splashed on the blanket, sheets and soaked into one pillow through the zipper in the protector, sent a similar message with no mention of a wine spill: “Had an enchanting stay. Have cleaned everything we used!”
It’s amazing you and I even noticed the blood and wine with those messages pulling the wool over our eyes. :wink:
I got all the wine out, by the way.


After sleeping on it, pardon the pun. I probably over reacted. The stains have been removed, it did take extra cleaning due to Covid. Scrubbed sheets with wonder soap cold wash 50 min then a hot wash once the stains were removed. Took extra wash loads and extra 2hrs cleaning.

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We generally put stuff like this as simply down to the cost of doing business.

Means you get less worked up about it :smile:


I put them in the cabin early on, thanks to good advice from here and so far so good:) . That said they rarely get used by guests though.


Glad you got it sorted. Although given the intriguing title I was expecting a tale of mayhem and murder!

Yes. @Debster, it can always be worse :grin:

Yes, I think you probably did. :slight_smile:

For some reason, we seem to have a lot of bloody sheets and towels. (Maybe because we attract mostly couples who can’t figure out a calendar?)

However, band aids disappear at quite a rate from the first aid kit so we must also attract people who get cuts and blisters.

Red wine, blood, chocolate, poop sadly, strange marks with no known provenance … they’re all part of the job and I’ve never met any mark that can’t be removed eventually. A little extra time, sure, but that’s part of being a host. :roll_eyes:

Jacquo it wasn’t your normal situation. There was a lot of blood through loads of bedding and linen due to the daughters injury. A mountain bike accident.
At the end of the day I am out of pocket $136 with extra cleaning and having to dispose of three items. I asked for $60 from guest. They have refused. I felt they were disrespectful and it was foreseeable with the daughters injuries.

Gotta love it. Guest refuses. Air probably takes their side, despite photos/videos. Guest can cause all sorts of damage like this and Air won’t cover.

And the icing? Guest screws over host with bad review. Lose, lose, lose.

This is exactly why we will use a channel manager, so we can have our own security deposit and WE make the decision and deduct as appropriate.

The point is that when you’re in the STR business there’s no such thing as a normal situation. :slight_smile:

Hosts need to know how to remove stains (in fact, a degree in chemistry would be better) and it’s part of our business to know. Ten drops of blood or ten pints … it doesn’t really matter, we still need to do it. Swings and roundabouts - hosts get a good run of perfect guests and then a bad one. If it’s once in a while then so be it.

As others have said, extra cleaning is just the cost of doing business.

What gobsmacks me though is that the mother simply didn’t notice the blood everywhere. That doesn’t strike me as good parenting.

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