Blocked calendar by Airbnb anyone?

Hi guys,did anybody have their calendar blocked by Airbnb (whole properties) for May? It seems like Scotland is only country which had calendars blocked until 31st of May.

Yes, every such listing in Scotland is not available for booking until 31 May. Airbnb’s email from 9 May to hosts explains their reasoning. Essentially, the Scottish Government have extended the lockdown in its current form until 31 May. The Scottish Government announced this extension on 7 May.

This does vary from the lockdown measures, and likely Airbnb’s response, in the rest of the UK.

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I received the email.But many countries are stil under lockdown.So far I have found only Scotlands listings are blocked.

Hello @JanaM

I certainly don’t know what lock downs different countries are observing so can’t really comment on your wider point. But as a general one, Airbnb blocks calendar’s in accordance with government lock down legislation relating to STRs.

The English government certainly did mention that the lock down here is extended to 18 May and we had notification yesterday from Airbnb that our calendar has been locked down until then.

I thought that Nicola Sturgeon announced over the weekend that your lockdown has extended until the end of May so it would make sense that Airbnb blocked your calendar until then. If you believe that is not the case, then you would need to contact Airbnb.

They didn’t block ours here in Spain, but they did send us a copy of the Decree that closed us down.


I have never heard Nicola Sturgeon saying it is extended until end of May.Anyway,it was not my question :-).Is your calendar blocked Helsi?I seems like properties in England can be booked even before 18th of May.

I saw some one ( on here ?) that the Mexican govt made Airbnb close/ block dates.

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Seriously? You been living in a cave with no WiFi or TV for the past week?

She even told me, and I’m a few thousand miles away.

100% correct.



Yes, as I confirmed to you in my earlier response to you @JanaM , my calendar is blocked.

You can only take bookings for STRs in England if it is for key workers, funerals and those with no permanent home.

As always there are hosts who will act illegally and take bookings even where this puts others at risk…go figure

Same rules here in Scotland.I had a request from American guest for a month who is stuck here and she had to leave her current accommodation.But before she managed to book,my calendar got blocked :frowning:

Yes that’s because through Airbnb you can only accept NHS workers and then only for free.

In these circumstances you might be able to hosts guests in Scotland, if it meets the regulations (the guest not being able to return to their home is one of the exceptions). You cannot host via Airbnb however as @Helsi notes.

Yep, I think that was me. Calendar block for all of April and May at this point.

My calendar is not blocked in America. Although we have been on lockdown in West Virginia, STRs and hotels have an exemption for travelers who self-quarantine for 14 days and for frontline workers.

The latest Lockdown in England Airbnb have blocked calendars
UK rules are being ignored by Airbnb. I have tried repeatedly to get them to accept they are wrong and should accept certain bookings. I contacted my Member of Parliament he agrees.
Check Covid restrictions link on Airbnb home page. gov guidance paragraph 12 then exceptions below

It was the English UK government that asked listing companies to block hosts calendars @Ches

The rules say different as does my MP. Did you look at para 12

Doesn’t matter a jot what the rules or your MP say, it is what Airbnb does that counts.

Not happy? Then there is BDC or VRBO, Airbnb aren’t the only OTA.


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As I work for the NHS on Covid programmes sadly I am all too familiar with our government legislation around it @Ches

I would ask your MP why the government has asked STR companies to block calendars when as the legislation says we can continue to offer STR in restricted circumstances.

I don’t believe Airbnb is the only one to have blocked calendars. BDC still have them open if you are keen to keep on having bookings coming in during lockdown.

AirBnB has blocked my calendar for nearly 5 days-- no explanation, no timeline for resolution, no followup on multiple calls each day. I am a superhost with 4 listings and so frustrated by this terrible customer service! Has anyone had this happen to them? It is not due to Covid but rather due to some “issue” that they won’t explain while they are “investigating”.