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Blindsided by VRBO tax requirement

Very specific question for my jurisdiction - does anyone know why VRBO don’t collect taxes from our rentals in San Francisco, but AirBnB does? I just registered with VRBO for the first time and was blindsided by having to collect taxes.

Thank you.

You don’t have to collect taxes. You have to remit taxes. You can just bake it into your rates if don’t want separate amounts.

Airbnb and VRBO have different relationships with each government entity. In my location the both send taxes to the government.

Because Airbnb is a much bigger company and they are under more scrutiny and so they are trying to curry favor with local governments in an attempt to avoid regulation. I.e. if Airbnb is providing a guaranteed revenue stream of millions of dollars per year, a local government will be less likely to ban short-term rentals.

Make no mistake that baking it into your rate is still collecting taxes.

BTW, @icenisf, a licence from your local goverenments (state/county/city) to collect and remit taxes may be required, among other things.

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