Bleach marks on my linen!

I’ve been got for the first time with the face cream bleaching linens. The guest has ruined a duvet cover and pillowcase and a bath towel. They’re about 18 months old. The thing that annoyed me most was she knew but didn’t message me. She just checked out and I didn’t see until it came out of the washing machine. She admitted this when I messaged her. Was she hoping I wouldn’t notice? She has agreed to pay. I have asked her for half the cost. How should I review?

Typically you won’t see the bleaching right away. At least you got 18 months out of it. I’ve had some ruined on the first use.

Honestly I don’t think there is anyway to fight the BP war except to go all white. I have a GF who uses a BP face product and she has ruined a ton of my towels because she forgets about the bleaching effect (she uses white at home). Now I remember for her and when she visits I give her the bleached out towels to use.


In 3 and a half years this is my first time of having linen ruined by bleach. I don’t think the creams are as popular in the UK. What does BP stand for? Anyway the grey linen ended up with pink streaks. I will charge every time someone does this, if they use that stuff they know and should warn hosts.
Back to the point I am annoyed she didn’t message me and let me have a nasty shock when she knew, possibly days ago. If she is dishonest how should I review her? Of course I need to wait to know whether she pays half the cost of the linen.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Also be aware of Salicylic Acid, another additive in face cleansers, that does similar discoloration to dyes in sheets and towels.

I subscribe to @Bunny 's approach to using whites rather than prints or colors.

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I can understand your reasoning. However I find whites go yellow after a couple of months so that wouldn’t work for me.
What do you think of her checking out without telling me about it, and her review. Seemed like she didn’t want me to notice til it was too late.

I came across this product which does a pretty good job for those linens that don’t recommend bleach or hot water.

If she is aware that she caused it, I would have hoped that she would have noted it. BUT there is the possibility that she wasn’t aware that she had caused it. I say this because I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago (with my own new grey towels); this after I started using a face cleanser that had Salicylic Acid as an ingredient. I initially assumed there was a defect in the towels or that the laundry detergent had caused it.

The UK version of ProActiv does not contain BP but rather Salicylic Acid of course you could have international travelers or people who buy the product from countries like the US (I understand the BP version works much better than the SA version). I was not aware SA bleached fabrics. You should also know that some people have a body chemistry that will bleach sheets (their sweat).

Personally I would not give her a negative review. If you must how about a neutral one?

I’m over the BP ruining linens (I’ve had 9 sets of sheet and as many towels ruined). I just use white now. The people who use this product are not ruining things with a malicious intent. I suspect a good many of them have no idea because they use white towels at home and those who know it bleaches colored linens probably feel trapped when they stay places that that don’t have white towel/sheet options.

When I had colored linens I put up signs and provided white towels but it made no difference so now I’m all boring white.

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Go to Bed Bath & Beyond and read towel reviews and you will find many 1 & 2 star reviews where the author complains about the towels developing bleach spots. The reviewers lay the blame squarely with the towel not realizing it is more than likely their face cleanser. To my mind this backs up the idea that people are unaware of what is really happening.

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She definitely knew about her cream and had seen the bleach marks. She didn’t tell me, and apologised for that. I don’t really think that is good enough.

Look, even if she’d told you once that stuff is on there you can’t do anything about it. If revenge is what you need go for the negative review but in the long run is it really going to make a difference?

The Oxyxlean is a good price and works as well as the brand leader, but it didn’t get my stuff white. I had a whole batch of white towels and tried everything, even boil washes! No good, I ended up dying them beige.

I have that issue too and found Oxyclean to be useless. I use Borax and bleach.

Better than a horrible shock for me and I wouldn’t have laundered the stuff like a fool, I would have thrown it straight out. Also doesn’t apologising make the whole thing more decent, rather than sneaking out without even a quick message? She should have offered to pay straight away.
Not revenge but definitely financial compensation, since she knew and could have warned me in advance. You don’t just go in and trash someone’s linen. Also I might say in the review I found the linen ruined after she left and had to bring the subject up.

That might be the only thing I didn’t try.

Guest was nice enough and followed all the guidelines. Except – she uses Benzyl Peroxide (BP) based face creams which WILL bleach your colored bed linens, comforters and towels. She did it to me, and may do it to you…


I think my review would come down to was she otherwise a good guest and did she pay for it and would I have her back. If she pay’s I would leave her a decent review mark her down on communication.

I know it seems personal because she said nothing, but this is a business and I try not to take it personally.


For all the ruined linens I’ve endured I’ve never mentioned it in a review or in private feedback nor have I asked for compensation. I vented here and to family/friends and finally gave up and stopped using colored linens.


I use white and have never had ruined linens. The spots I’ve gotten from guests, I’ve been able to fix. I’ve ruined more linens myself with various mistakes I’ve made than guests have ruined. In any case I’d chalk most “ruined” stuff up to “cost of doing business.”


Why only half?

I second this (and third/fourth/fifth).

I really like this stuff @tom2 recommended for whiting up the whites that look dingy: (Edit: I avoid bleach use and always have as it breaks down fabrics and makes them scratchy, but will use as last resort!)

For an old fashioned solution to yellowing whites =

sorry for repetitive…I see it was mentioned above.