Beyond Pricing Charges Issues

Curious if anyone else encountered overcharges on their bill?

Don’t really pay attention but a $128 charge in February caught my attention. Didn’t come close to making that amount.

And when Airbnb made refunds for cancellations, I was charged a commission fee.

I cancelled my services because I just don’t have time to verify and compare statements every month.

Also having more empty days. There’s got to be a better way for hosts to set prices.

Rather than make this a thread about which company is best; can hosts share the following information how best to set their own prices?

Do you use new Airbnb pricing discounts?
How do you monitor special events? Links?
Cancellation policy?

In answer to your questions @Edward1959

  1. No
  2. Research and local knowledge. Why do you want links to my local events?
  3. Why is that relevant to pricing ?

Don’t use Beyond Pricing so don’t know if they overcharge.

Not your link. Curious which type of site accurately lists all special events in city.

I just signed up for this service and am super nervous about the pricing it established for my condo. Just wondering if i should go back to using local knowledge and price on my own

There isn’t one site. Presumably you already look on your local tourism site and know what other local listing sites are the main ones for your area. I would use those as a combined resource @Edward1959

  • I don’t give any discounts at all. I use smart pricing and check it manually every so often, adjusting prices if I need to.
  • I monitor special events by signing up for emails from the local CVB and other authorities. I know what local events are going on though because I live here and many are annual and have been going on for years. There are also local listings sites, ‘what’s on’ magazines and if you are a visitor to your local library, there are often events shown in rack cards on the counter.
  • Your cancellation policy is a matter of personal choice. We use flexible.

Set your prices by doing your sums accurately. Only you know what your outgoings are, how much time you spend on your business and how much your profit margins are.

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What are “new Airbnb pricing discounts”?

Hi, @Edward1959

I’ve used several of the pricing options…and Beyond Pricing, was fine, just expensive… I never had the kind of problem you describe…I assume it may be a glitch.

I decided on… they seem to be legit, responsive, and do very similar analysis and pricing as the others.

The thing I like about them is that they charge a flat fee per listing…so, no longer having to worry/think about that the final bill will be…it’s always like $20/month per listing. I’ve saved so much using them!

If you use this like, both you and I will get a credit on the first month. If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t post it…but it does seem to work!

Let me know if you have any questions about this service…and if not, good luck!


Yes, I believe you are correct regarding a glitch. I used them off and on for many years. Perhaps, like everyone else they are too big and prone to errors?

Good company but am trying to simplify the process and reduce costs.