Better Guest Experience?

I am trying to get answers and research for a new tool for guests, how many people are looking for new ways to create better guest experiences for their Rental Properties?

I Have been struggling to find a fast and efficient way to reach hosts. Be it rental properties, bookingdotcom or AirBnB, I want to hear what people think and need.

I have a startup and am looking for wisdom and experience from all of you.

The tool we are trying to implement is for restaurant recommendations around the rental. I don’t know if I am doing this right or if I should put it all in the topic post but I’m reaching out here to see if people are looking for something new, and something to get that extra attention and care for your guests?

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I recommend restaurants I truly like in both my Airbnb guidebook and the one I made for the suite.

The business models I’ve seen for this type of guidebook are either a host-paid service, or have some kickback to incentivize the host.

If it’s host-paid, well, IMO guests are buying my place for the location, decor, and value. My guests like my guidebooks and personal recommendations, but it’s an “after purchase” afterthought. It would only be worth investing in if it were something driving their decision to rent from me over another place.

If it’s kickback based… I would hate for my guests to have any reason to doubt the sincerity of my recommendations, so I’ll steer far clear.


Allison, Thanks for the reply!

I have discovered that many Hosts have something in the guide book or “welcome package”.

What our service would do is add to it. It simply provides an online alternative “on the go” list made and curated by the host. Like you said its recommendations you truly like and that aren’t incentivized so the lack of sincerity for guests is taken care of.

It is host-paid as you said but the “cost” is a yearly Subscription simply put: to weed out the non serious hosts.With what we are planning to come out with as of right now the cost will be like a 95 cents a month. Which is why it would be a yearly sub.

It is not online yet- but we will have a free startup code when we do get it off the ground. I don’t think I can message you directly but I don’t want to post the service because I don’t know what “Ad” rules there are on here. Or do you know if I can just simply post the full overview here in a reply?

You lost me at “curated”.


JamJerrupSunset Thanks for taking the time to jump in here with us.

By Curated I mean simply, that it is the Host’s List- and you can write your own description of the restaurant etc. NOT chosen by others or incentive/advertising restaurants.

Each choice of Restaurant has Hours, Pictures, Phone Number, Directions and menus can be uploaded. All for the ease and access of your guests.

I put recommendations in my welcome book, I find that guests use those or they sort through the menus I’ve got in a wall file. I don’t have any need for an online supplement – the guests would likely use Open Table or search “restaurants near me” on their phones if they want additional information. If your service could get the guests discounts, that’s more attractive to the guests, but regardless there’s no reason for me to pay for it. I won’t be able to raise my rates because I offer an online restaurant finder.


@Elupien - do you mean something like this? At this moment I am working on a Houfy guide for restaurants. So to answer if your question if hosts are looking for your service, not sure. I am content with Houfy.

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@cabinhost @dpfromva

I don’t think there is anything wrong with those steps- this startup is currently in the Hotel space but we are moving into the AirBnb and Rental space because we find that YOU the hosts are even more guest service oriented than some hotel staff can be.

So to respond I simple want to hear if this sounds like a better experience and if you think it might be just a bigger piece to the whole to what is already being done.

Guests want more than a list of names for Restaurants. They want pictures, hours, prices and map directions.

So, we created DiningList to give your guests exactly what they want: A list of YOUR favorite local restaurants, with online pictures, hours, prices, reviews and map directions and menu – all available in ONE place right on your guest’s mobile phone.

In the simplest sense:

Its like a personalized Yelp or TripAdvisor list of restaurants just for your rental. You pick your favorite 10-15 restaurants. We do everything else. Your guests can then see your own restaurant list on their phones instead of going through pages and pages on TripAdvisor or Yelp.

So we’re trying to create value for you and the rental guest all while making it easier and faster than anywhere else.

The reason I am on here is because I want to hear from you, do you think all of ^ this ^ is something that would create value? And if we were to start it would you want to hear about it?

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I have absolutely no clue what this mysterious ‘this’ is and what is this value that you speaketh of :slight_smile: @Elupien


Hi @Helsi, it is a service I was describing it because we have not actually finalized the service and have it online! Haha we are looking for advice and thoughts on it as we bring it online!