Rental Host Recommendations for Guests

Looking to hear your suggestions on tip sites, top 10 ways to make your rentals better and Blogs that you all like to follow/read that are good for Rental Hosts.

This site has more Right Stuff information than most. Use the Search function here to look for answers to questions you may have. Read everything here. Twice. Then if you still have questions, ask in a new posting.

Top Ten this’s and That’s, and Blogs are not really going to help you in your unique situation. There are hundred, contradictory Top Ten Tips. Decide what your concerns are, and after spending some time here trying to find solutions, then ask. We’re more than willing to help, but want you to make the effort to find our previous responses to similar questions.


They don’t have questions but they think they have answers. They are trying to sell us themselves as a resource.

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I have posted here before and I do have a startup that will have a service in the AirBnb and Rental space. But I don’t want to advertise here or disrupt/bother users because we know how pestering that can be- of course if there is ad space here we might end up trying to be a part of it. But right now we are not online and we are trying to find legitimate ways to reach hosts in High volume. Which is why I am asking you all directly for your favorite blogs and other tip sites etc… I hope that you will feel that this is fair and will still be happy to share your space with me and hopefully tell me where else you like to frequent for help! :grin:

I really have found everything I need here. I do an occasional websearch for other questions or I check the Airbnb community forums. One of the things I like about this forum is that it’s not overdone with ads and spam. It’s like the message boards of the late 90s.


Suggestion: If you want professional advice from hosts, or to sell hosts a product or service, focus on how it benefits the host:
– Host gets a reward (Amazon card, or your beta product, for example) for participating in your survey, phone call, or request for information
– The host product or service you are pitching will save the host time and/or money because _______ (Actual data better than theory)
– The guest product or service you are pitching will allow the host to charge more or otherwise positively impact their bottom line because _________ (Again, actual data better than theory)
Good luck in your business ventures!


In addition to the AirGMS blog, you can also check out the LearnAirbnb blog, and Get Paid for Your Pad’s blog. If you prefer an interactive forum like this one, you might like Community with Airbnb vacation rental forum. Also, Quora can be useful in some instances. Hope this helps!

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@dpfromva Thanks so much for the response- I do not have actual data here as we are starting up- I would love to try to reach your more indepth and as you stated I can definitely set you up with the beta product/or when we go active give you free sign up! Entire first year actually- if you’d be interested I would love to hear what you think about the entire product!
We hope it saves guests and Hosts time and will we hope help the bottom line with better reviews and happier guests.

Of course you are interested in what we think and what we have to say, because we know what we are doing! Exactly what are you selling us that we don’t already do or manage ourselves? We aren’t going to give you the answers! That’s your job if you want our business/money.

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Thanks for the help!

I have looked into your AirGMs website and I would definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts about the service and even possibly giving you some value or attributing to an article on the new service perhaps? Would that be something that would be possible?

Haha you are completely correct! You have the knowledge and perspective that I do not.
Of course I don’t want you to just hand me answers- but I would be happy to hear your perspective of course! I am also wanting to give you something for your wisdom and thoughtfulness! When we go live I will be giving out free codes to year a subscription to the service for any host who has given feedback or support!!

Thank you for the help!! much appreciated and I do much like the format and ease of these message boards as well!

The best would be to reach out to our marketing team (their contact details are on our website).