Best vacuum , cordless,lightweight

Deik cordless vacuum cleaner is my latest fabulous cleaning tool. I have used 5 different vacuums since I started hosting 3 yrs ago, always looking to improve and make the job of cleaning easier and faster. My sister bought this for me and I just love it. First of all its lightweight! There is no cord!!! You simply plug it in and charge it. Its just a “head on a stick”.Whats nice is that the the vacuum head has lights on it so you can really see how dirty the floor is.Also, if you need to you can pull the head off to get into crevices.I hated lugging heavy vacuums and tripping over the cords.This makes cleaning a breeze! The downside is I bought it on Amazon and the price fluctuates between 119 and 200.Also, many times they are just sold out as the manufacturer cant keep up w demand.Also, this may not work for large houses as the battery only lasts 30 minutes, I geuss unless you want to purchase an extra battery.


Is this post an infomercial? I have a famous cordless made by the designer down the road in Wiltshire. I like it for quickness and ease, but nothing beats the suction of the one for pets from our German friends with the pricey cloth bags.

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No it is not an infomercial. No it is not an infomercial. I have posted many many times on this forum. I know what a PIA it is to drag a vacuum, just trying to offer ideas that will help a host.


Ok so how does it compare to the cordless vacuum designed in Wiltshire or the one named after the star of the film Jaws?

I don’t know because I’ve never use the other one

Wow, thanks for the recommendation!

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There’s not posting an informercial and then there’s being so purposefully obtuse as to be useless.

As Diamond already said she is a long time, if not most prolific, poster on the forum. Our rules on promotion are vague and flexible on purpose. If a trustworthy member wants to recommend a product we welcome it. If someone just joins and cut and pastes the same self-promotional content on several threads it will probably be deleted. And even if they do if the content seems useful we may allow it.


Thanks. Not the BBC approach to advertising then. Apologies, humour was obviously lost in translation.

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PS James Dyson lives in Wiltshire, a Shark is the star of Jaws, Miele is the German one. I have no brand loyalty as I see merits in all 3 (one for each floor).


I’d just read the thread with you, Joan and airbnbopp and so I guess I didn’t think you were in a joking mood.

Someone else recently pointed out that another person was paid to promote a product by posting on forums (coffee). I always set out to be constructive and am good humoured more often than not, but it’s discombobulating. It’s hard to tell when we can trust that someone is genuinely speaking from their experience with products in the interests of other hosts and when they have an ulterior motive.
With the vacuum cleaner I just asked the question. In the case where Joan thought I was harsh the person promoting their market research agency was not even a host and was just jumping on to sell their thing, What to do?

I have been posting for almost 3 yrs., sometimes I disappear for a little while and then I will pop up again when I have a good tip to share.I always try to give ideas to make a host save time and make more money. I have hosted over 250 couples in 3 years, 5 star super host and have never had a negative review, I think because I dont take pets, or kids,or more than 2 adults! I like to share things which I wished I had learned when I started I made many mistakes! I’m trying to help people avoid the mistakes I have made.


How powerful is the Deik? I have pets. The Dyson is good but overpriced I think. I got one half price on eBay because it was reconditioned by the manufacturer and was more like it price wise.

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I have 2 dogs,short hair,it picks everything up. I use it on the airbnb room and in my house.Of course my house is a lot dirtier than the airbnb w 2 dogs, but it still seems to work, the downside is the battery only lasts about half an hr,but I can get my cleaning done in half an hour. Go to amazon and read the reviews. I am more likely to vacuum my house often if I have the Deik, simply because its so EASY to use. Just turn on and push like a mop.No heavy vacuum, and cords!

Looks like a more reasonable price and has good reviews but it’s not available for UK.

Roomba! Zero effort…

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I had one of those it was so slow and you have to get things out of the way. It would get stuck too. I can vacuum the airbnb room in ten minutes, its a small area.

You might try my approach which is to pick an emoji like :japanese_goblin: and put it at the end of posts where you are not expecting to be taken seriously in case people misinterpret you. Except for this one of course :slight_smile: Just a thought. I enjoy your posts :japanese_goblin: Now did I really mean that? :persevere:


I wasn’t going to get into this thread as I am the queen of discarded vacuum cleaners having had a dozen or so in the last 20 years. Currently a Dyson classic, a “Little Green” for animal pee on the carpet, a steam cleaner and a Roomba. I have a mixture of wooden floors with area rugs. The Roomba cannot do everything properly and no longer returns to the base station after 4 years so I have to charge it manually. It is very good for getting under furniture where I can’t bend down. If I am injured like now and can’t use the Dydson I try and run the Roomba twice. If you just had wooden floors and not too many things for it to get entangled in it might be sufficient but with wooden floors I still need to steam clean them once a week. And i am no clean freak and still get the occasional 4 for cleanliness and have to bring in a professional cleaner to do a deep clean now and then.

I also have a cordless that only worked for a year or so. I have noticed that Dyson makes a new range o cordless that have been quickly imitated so interested in your post as being disabled lugging vacuums is not my favourite activity.

For UK readers I wish I hadn’t left my Henry behind when I moved back to Australia from London. As good as any other hoover and makes cleaning a little bit jolly too!


I also have a regular vacuum, and a Dustbuster which I love to pick up stray hairs on the floor.Right now I like the Deik, bought for my husband since he vacuums the airbnb , he loves it.