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Best security system?

What security system everyone is using?

Ring doorbell together with 2 hardwired dvr tamper resistant cameras on the front parking and entrance area. I also have iron security doors. In my part of the house I have dogs who are excellent at letting me know when something is amiss.

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I lock the doors before the guests arrive when I put in their door code. Otherwise I try and remember to close the driveway gates when no guests are here. I have cameras and live a block away but I have never had to rush over with a pitchfork or anything.


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Andrea, a great way to find out is to use the search function here. Various security measures have been discussed a lot. :slight_smile:

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An OH who’s playful nickname is The Rottweiler, and a baseball bat.

What do you use?



My 70 pound alpha female dog. No one gets within 100 meters of my place without her barking.

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12 bore shotgun and a big machete. Also useful here for hunting feral Burmese pythons…


12 gauge shotgun loaded birdshot - buckshot - buckshot but I figure the clack-clack of pumping it will cause a quick exit. Everyone here hunts ducks and knows what the sound is. It’s in my bedroom closet.

Seriously, I’m in the planning stage of a home brew smart home system based on open source called Home Assistant. It can run on a Windows PC but I’m going to use a little under $100 Raspberry Pi computer to do it. After all I built my own Tivo-like DVR with open source software and government surplus PCs the same way.

I want to automate lighting, security, and AV in my part of the house, and security in the rental exterior. Eventually it will be extended upstairs for lighting and heat/AC.

Unlike Ring or Alexa or Google, I will be building a system that will be working in spite of power or internet outages, depending on my battery backup (and eventual propane powered generator) to power the router, Home Assistant server, the alarms, and emergency lighting. It won’t store anything in the cloud, nor will it need to call a remote mothership, to authorize anything. Just depending on ZWave’s mesh routing.

In my spare time, of course. And when I get some money.

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