Beenest: STR... Airbnb competition?

Huffington Post also wrote about it, which is how i found out.

(Apologies if this has already been posted, I did a quick search on the topic and didn’t see anything)

I still don’t understand Bitcoin, which this is vaguely related to, so I’m not sure how this will actually function. Fewer fees looks nice, but being even more dependent on good reviews sounds horrid.

Also, hey, happy New Year everyone! May all your guests be easy and good natured.


That is one VERY male startup team. They all keep making the same mistakes…

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Yes! I tell people Uber is the drunk frat boy who rapes a drunk co ed, but Airbnb is the frat boy who says Uber is a great guy when he’s sober.


Bee Token? I guess they want to earn big money with currency exchange commissions.

That’s the most jargon-laden, corporate bulls*&$# speak press release I’ve ever read. Blockchain? :rofl::rofl:

Scuse me but I need a moment to drill down and use my skill set to onboard and find a synergistic explanation. :laughing:


Blockchain isn’t a jargon. It is a technology paradigm. And it is very secure, at least right now.


Maybe not to you tech types, but I’ve never heard of it before.
The press release is full of BS. Sorry. I often write these for a living… and that is badly written.


Having guest host disputes peer adjudicated seems like they’re trying to make money without doing anything?

Plus, you’ll need a ratio of more guests than hosts, so it will be harder to get judged by actual peers…

I don’t know, the logistics seem wrong to me. Monetizing everything except labor.


I have recently read some stuff about Blockchain in The Guardian, enough to make me pass this to the in-house boffin. I only know enough about Bitcoin to alarm me bubblewise. So here’s what he’s come up with after some research;-

I hope this is helpful. I’ll read it tomorrow when the house is empty!

Bitcoin and Blockchain are related, but two different things. Blockchain is a technology that could change much of how business operates in the years to come. IBM has some great articles on it, as does UPS. There are a number of ways to use blockchain --bitcoin is just one and focused on currency.


Don’t be too quick to dismiss Blockchain, people … remember when it was suggested that computers would be small enough that everyone could have one in their own home? Pah, balderdash! And then they suggested that the computers would be able to talk to each other and enable their owners to buy and sell stuff and even rent out their spare rooms through them? Arrant nonsense, of course …


I remember when a gigabyte was total science fiction. Was writing for the tech industry then and clients did everything with tape backups. The internet and messaging were accessible but only to the most high level government clients.

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And that is exactly where the link in the chain fails. It’s the feckin’ hospitality industry, where so much depends on personal interaction, and they want to do it all digitally? Eejits.

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But we really aren’t in the hospitality business in the same way hotels are. We are renting rooms in our homes for the most part or vacation homes. It’s not the same thing as a hotel. I’ve always felt it is unfair to think of ourselves this way… I think it’s big trouble when guests and hosts start holding us up to that standard.

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Actually, I am in the hospitality business. That is a choice that I made before I even listed. I worked in the industry for many years and I wanted to offer that level of service, but at a more personal level, as part of my AirBNB philosophy. Suits my personality and the layout of my rooms.


I think of the hospitality business as a 24/7 front desk, all night check in, luggage storage before check in and after check out, bell hop service, office/business service, room service, concierge service, 24 hour housekeeping service and more. That’s not me, but hosts that can provide all that are mighty impressive!

But you yourself have said that 24/7 front desk isn’t offered at many places that you have stayed. That is not a requirement of hospitality in my opinion. We provide many of the other services you have listed. Only one I don’t is 24 hr housekeeping.

I am in the hospitality business. That is my business model. That doesn’t make it right or wrong, but it works well for me.

Just one place. A small guest inn in Kyoto. My hotel stays in DC, Tokyo and Prague all had 24/7 front desks and could check you in no matter what time you arrived. To each his own, but I think calling us all out as being in the hospitality business is not accurate or fair.

I don’t think I said anything about anyone else’s business model. I was only describing mine.

You rent a space. What you do is different. Where you are located is different. And your room configuration is different.

Saying that no AirBNB is in the hospitality industry is just as incorrect as saying all AirBNBs are in the hospitality business.

I never said that. And I said “ALL”, Saying that ALL Airbnb hosts are in the hospitality business (as in hotel business) is not accurate or fair.