Bedroom furniture setting advice

Hello All,

I m new to here and also new to be short term rental host, I recently bought a house in LA area and planning to do short term rental, I have few questions that I need some advices, all opinion are welcome!

it’s an 4b2.5b ,2 story 1900 sqft single family house on a 4800 sqft lot. it has a back yard.
all 4 bedrooms up.

  1. master bedroom , should i put king size bed with 2 matching night stand and 1 dresser?
    2.bedroom #2 , option A:s queen bed + 1 night stand + 1 desk + 1 arm chair
    option B: Queen bed+ 2 matching night stand

3.Bedroom #3 and Bedroom #4 are both smaller size room , full bed +2 night stand ? or 1 night stand +1 desk+ 1 arm chair ?

the house has 1 living room next to the entry hallway and 1 family room next to the open concept kitchen, do i need put 1 set of sofa in living room and 1 set of sofa in family room?

if total 4 bedrooms including 1 king +1 queen +2 full bed, should i say my house can host 8 guests or 6 guests ?

Much appreciated!


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#1 king size bed with matching end tables and dresser.
#2 queen bed with matching end tables
#3 and #4 full size beds with matching end tables. If space permits, you can do a wall mounted desk in one of the bedrooms.

In the living room you can do two love seats facing each other with a rectangular coffee table.

In the family room you can probably fit a sectional with an entertainment center to accommodate a larger TV.

Since you have 4 bedrooms you can accommodate 8 guests but from personal experience, it’s easier to host 6. Maybe you can make one of the smaller rooms a home office with a desk. An arm chair in the corner with a side table would create a cozy reading area.

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Any bed that you are advertising as sleeping two people needs nightstands on both sides of the bed, regardless of whether it is a double, queen or king.


There is probably more than one right answer to your furniture questions. I agree that a night stand on either side of anything except a twin bed is a necessity. When doing nightstands, please do a light that each person in the bed can read by. I have had guests comment that with any two people in a room, both need a spot to put their suitcase. A bench or luggage rack both work. This also keep suitcases off the beds which is helpful.


And suitcases on beds are the fastest way to put bedbugs in the bed!

When I check in to hotels or Air rentals, my suitcase goes into the bathtub until I do a bedbug check on the bed. Carpets can also hide them.

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Some thing’s I’ve “learned”:

  • The master bedroom needs 2 nightstands and the largest bed practical.
  • Shorter stays (less than ~10 days) reduce the need for dressers as long as you have closet space, luggage stands, etc.
  • Full-size beds are rarely appreciated when 2 adults are sharing the bed. They are too small. Get at least a queen-size bed.
  • Don’t put double beds (full, queen, king) against a wall on either side
  • In smaller rooms, two TwinXL-size beds with one nightstand in the middle is better than one Full-size bed with a nightstand on each side.
  • Desks aren’t appreciated for stays under ~10 days because people aren’t doing a lot of work during shorter stays and laptops can be used anywhere.

Your decisions on furniture configuration will also depend on your preferred number of guests and why people book your listing.

My suggestion:

  1. King+2 nightstands + at least 1 dresser + closet and luggage stand
  2. Queen + 2 nightstands + closet and luggage stand
  3. Two TwinXL + 1 or 2 nightstands + closet and luggage stand
  4. Two TwinXL + 1 or 2 nightstands + closet and luggage stand

Put a desk somewhere (but not the master bedroom) if you attract or want to attract bookings longer than about 10 days.


Both of our Airbnb guest rooms have desks and chairs. As far as we can tell, no guest has ever used them—even those who work from here. They sit up on the bed or sit in our living room, family room, kitchen, or atrium to work. There are no desks in any of those rooms.

Maybe guests like the idea of a desk better than an actual desk!

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You’ve gotten good information from hosts on this thread. To add to things for your consideration:

  1. Offering a king bed is a desirable rental differentiator. If your area rentals offer mostly queen beds then your rental is more appealing.

  2. Whether you decide max guests of 6 or 8, there should be adequate dining & Living area seating so all can sit in the Sam room at the same time.

  3. Furniture needs differ for stays of less than 2 weeks and longer term stays. I do both. My longer term stays need more clothing storage space & a desk is required. Decide your target audience & furnish accordingly.

  4. Yes luggage racks. My favorite is from Bed Bath & Beyond & I used a 20% off coupon for best price.

  5. About maximum number of guests—sometimes fewer is better especially when you are first starting. Consider starting with 4 or 6 guests & lock off the unused bedroom(s). Only show pictures of the bedrooms they can use.
    To help discourage extra guests have a maximum of parking for one car (4 guests) & two cars (6 guests).

Have fun!

If you plan to list with Airbnb, take advantage of their FREE to you “Ask a Superhost” program. Airbnb recruits superhosts (called Ambassadors) to help new hosts get started by providing mentorship, guidance & helping them build their listing.

Airbnb provides tools that allow the Ambassador to access your listing & help build then review it. When you go live the Ambassador can no longer access your listing.

Full disclosure: Airbnb pays the Ambassador $345 after you start hosting stays. The new host pays $0 for this support.

I’m an ambassador with a remotely hosted listing in coastal SC.

An Ambassador in your area is a good choice because they will know more about area specific rules, entertainment etc.

Best wishes with getting started.

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thanks a lot for your advice! so helpful, very detailed and works my plan.
my master bedroom has a walk in closet ,so a king bed +2 night stand +1 dresser+ luggage stand ,that’s perfect.
all the other room has closet too. so i think i will follow up your advice. very practical!

The outdated check box for ‘work desk’ was why all my rooms have desks and chairs. I do not know if any of them have been booked because of them, or if they have ever been used for ‘work’.

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thank you for all your advice, will work on it!

Luggage racks- one per guest vs one per room. I found out the hard way.


One of the worst mistakes is cramming a too-big bed in a room in order to accommodate a higher guest count. I’ve seen photo galleries with queen and king size beds pushed up against a wall, so not only does the person on the inside not have a nightstand, they have to crawl over the other person to get into bed, or get in bed from the foot of the bed.

Or the bed prevents the door from opening all the way. Which likely contravenes fire regulations.


If planning to accommodate children. At least one of the small bedrooms should have two single beds.

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This isn’t funny but I’m chuckling in my head. Years ago, I replaced my two twins /bunk beds with a queen because I don’t want children staying. Plus the bunk beds were damaged by children using them like monkey bars and the child below pestering the child above by kicking the bed frame.

Although my pictures & written description were accurate and I didn’t advertise as suitable for children, a mom left me a blunt private review about needing to do better with the beds if I wanted to host families. The queen bed was too large for her toddler. They purchased a small blow-up pool to use as a toddler bed. Oooookay.


Back in the early 50s when I was 3 years old, my parents got a twin bed set for themselves (not sure why they didn’t want to sleep together anymore), and I was given their double bed.

I got used to having lots of space when sleeping- my ex used to say my favored sleeping position was “starfish”.


Hi Brian,
Finally i measured the room last night, so the total 4 bedrooms dimensions are:
Primary Bedroom#1(i didn’t measure but for sure can put a king bed +2 night stands+ 1dresser)
Bedroom#2 the wall to put headboard width is 131’’, 1 queen bed + 2 night stands
Bedroom#3 the wall to put headboard width is 127’’ ,1 queen bed+2 night stands
Bedroom#4 the wall to put headboard width is 113’’, 1 full bed +2 smaller nightstands
what do you think the set up? i will advertised to host 6-7 guests .

My parents did the same and the oldest child always got the big bed. I was last but enjoyed it for a few years.