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Bedding that does not ironing

Ok do you recognise this? You spend ages ironing your lovely bedding only for a duvet cover to look like an iron has never been near it by the time you have pulled it onto the duvet?

Yes, I thought so.

So those hosts amongst you who always has bedding that looks like it is in a show home please share what material your bedding and duvet covets are.


I don’t even own an iron, and I make that very clear in my listing! I won’t wear clothing that needs to be ironed. And there is no way in the world I would EVER iron bed linens! :slight_smile: I just buy sheets from Target ( http://www.target.com/p/threshold-performance-sheet-set-solid/-/A-14143802#prodSlot=medium_1_1 ) that I actually like more than some very expensive ones I’ve bought in the past. I dry them outside in spring/summer/fall.

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Iron? Isn’t that what they used in the Dark Ages to torture Maidens?

Seriously? In 68 years I’ve never ironed a sheet, and never will. Modern fabrics, at least here in the States, don’t really want ironing. Treat them nicely. Don’t let them get cold in the dryer. Fold them neatly, especially at the head end, if you’re not returning them to the bed immediately. Fitted sheets for the bottom are stretch - tight. The top sheet is hand smoothed as I lay it out.

As discussed elsewhere here, most Americans don’t use duvets or duvet covers. Here in Florida I use a lightweight bedspread or comforter.

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I’m always astonished when I read American housekeeping books (yes, I’m that sad type of person that reads these …) that they never mention ironing. I wouldn’t dream of making a bed with unironed sheets, but I do use an ironing service, which is not expensive here in Spain. Also we don’t use a dryer (we have sunshine!) which I think means our bed linen is more creased.

If you want the high-end, 400-thread-count pure Egyptian cotton type look I think you have to accept you’ll spend some time slaving over an ironing board. However, the solution to your duvet cover is simple - put your iron on an extension lead and give it a quick pass while it’s actually ON the bed. Also, sadly, duvets with a lot of pattern in bright or dark colours look less creased. So much for the pure, all-white look …

There are plenty of “easy-care” linens available but I haven’t yet seen any I much ,ike the look of. The search continues … .

So it seems! I’m definitely weird in Florida because I use duvets in the rental. And luckily I get comments about how comfy they are :slightly_smiling:

Good for you! Whatever works to get good reviews!

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I don’t have the time to iron the bedding. It not always looks perfect, but I make sure that they look clean and that the whole room smells like fresh bedding. And I don’t think that people would give someone a bad review because the bedding wasn’t ironed. At least I would believe, that people can’t be thaaat perfectionist!

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I never iron my sheets but I use a mangle instead. It’s quick and all my sheets are smooth and crispy. Bed linen fit into a much smaller place after running them though a mangle. Also, sheets don’t get dusty which is practical. I’ll never give up of my mangle which used to belong to my grandmother :slightly_smiling:

The last time I saw a mangle was in my grandmother’s basement more than 60 years ago!

I use no-iron sheets!

Happy Hosting – Lia

The highest compliments I receive from my guests is how lovely they find the beds. In UK it is unheard of not to have ironed sheets! I never had when I lived in the USA, and when I came home I saw what I had been missing! There is nothing nicer than getting into a gorgeous bed with crisp freshly laundered ironed sheets!
But we have a professional press iron which makes it very quick to do, and when I am very busy I do send out the sheets and duvet covers to get laundered. 100% cotton. 300tc. White ironed sheets.

My friend and fellow Air neighbour does that. She makes the bed, then runs her iron over it! I think its hysterical, but it works for her :slight_smile:

I use a top sheet, duvet cover with a down comforter in it, and then a bedspread.

Every time there’s a topic here about bedding I get more and more confused :slightly_smiling:

I’m from Europe now living in the States and after all these years I STILL don’t understand the American way of bedding!

Why a top sheet? Why a comforter in a duvet cover? (Not that I’m really sure what a comforter is!)

I’m pretty good at the American ‘English’ now - like the way that gas means petrol and farting - :wink: but the bedding still has me baffled!

I know, right? I don’t make the beds at my own house like we do at my rental but “when in Rome, er, Seattle…”

I can never get used to the American way of making beds! It seems so complicated. For me, it’s fitted sheet, duvet (in cover) then decorative bedspread. So VERY easy!

I should say though that we’re in Florida so there’s no need to have blankets etc.

So is there a top sheet under the bedspread? Or does the top sheet and bedspread get washed each time. I used to clean somewhere (when I was travelling) and the bed was fitted with a top sheet between a duvet and there policy was to only wash the sheets. I promptly ignored this and washed all the bedding every change of guest. Yes eek.

No top sheet :slightly_smiling:

Everything on the bed gets washed after each guest.

In Canada, at least at my place, the sheets are ironed. Period. You want a place that looks like a flop house, then be prepared to charge flop house rates. Want higher end guests, provide a better experience. High end guests, better experience equals more revenue for two reasons:

  1. You can charge more, and justify it.
  2. Repeat business.

And for those who are going to jump all over me about the flop house comment: People do not see what you have done, they see what you DID NOT do. Place looks immaculate, but the bed was wrinkled to heck. What do you think they noticed?

Peeps would have to pay me a million dollars to spend my precious time ironing sheets! I have an 100 yr old house that literally has a stone foundation (and when I say stone, I mean boulders, in the mountains, in a place where it’s winter for what seems like 8 months of the year. It’s not a luxury experience by any means as stated in my listing. These winters are hard on homes and I’ve even got some crooked floors and walls, and yet I get good reviews. Lived in and loved is my motto. My guests range from kids backpacking, to professionals from Manhattan, to Parisians and other Europeans. Not one bad review of my linens (and I leave a survey for them to fill out).
Besides, if you use a fabric softener, then flip the heck out of the those sheets when putting them out to dry, or pulling out of dryer at just the right moment, then stretch them out over the bed (same goes for the pillowcases), they are not going to have wrinkles in them.

Sorry to have clearly upset you. And for the record, I too have a 108 year old house, with a stone basement and being in Canada I have plenty of winter; but that does not exclude it from being upscale. In any event, glad to hear your sheets are wrinkle free; must be a special quality fabric.

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