Bed sheets: what brand do you use?

I did a search on bed sheets topic. The only thing I found was a lady who bought 1000m from china and made her own. which I might do too. But, the rest of you, regular hosts, what do you use? I had complaints that my bedding looks lived in because I have colored - and sometimes miss matched bedding - and towels. One guest suggested that if I had white sheets and white towels - like in hotels - it would look more upscale.
I since then bought a few bed sheets from Amazon, cotto 100% but the higher the percale, the smoothest and luscious the sheets are. Which is not what I want. I paid 60$ this queen bed sheet and it formed “peeling” after a few washes. It looks poor quality. I want something more solid, more durable. What do you guys use? I’m scrambling to find good ones. thanks.

I prefer percale sheets, which feel crisper and coooler to me than sateen shits, which are silkier.

I don’t really pay much attention to thread count, but they do have to be 100% cotton.

One advantage to white sheets is that you can bleach them. I have a few different brands.

This may be a bit US-centric, but that’s where I’m located and the brands that are available to me:

at Target:
Threshold brand percale sheets. These have been good, but weren’t available last time I was looking.

So I got TriBeCa brand percale, also at Target. They are OK, a bit thinner than the Threshold and didn’t seem as sturdy.

At Amazon:
Peru Pima percale: these have been my favorites but are also the most expensive. A little under $100 for a queen set.

A close second is Pinzon percale at Amazon. Almost as nice the Peru Pima ones and half the price if you catch a sale.

I read reviews that said LL Bean’s percale sheets are also very good, but I think they are around the same price as the Peru Pima.


Royal Velvet 400TC Wrinkle Guard sheets white.

Kirkland Brand 540 TC Sateen is what I have on my own bed and I love them. I have a set for the Airbnb room but haven’t used them in there yet. I also have a set of some off brand 400tc 100% cotton I got at Marshall’s that I like and I’m using those right now.

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OK the sateen ones from kirkland… this is what I bought for myself and they formed peeling already. they are very thin and look cheap. it is not what they use in hotels. i dont like them. if I put these on the bed guests will complained about the peeling.

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I don’t know what that means. Mine have held up very well including the heavy wear and tear of dogs on the bed. But no, it’s probably not what they use in hotels. Those sheets are going to be over $100 a set and I don’t spend that much.

Take the sheets back to Costco, they have a pretty much unlimited money back guarantee. You can never go wrong trying a Costco product for that reason

my spelling is wrong. i meant pilling. i will see what other people use. thanks for replying.

By the way, the best, heaviest sheets I ever had were Ralph Lauren. They were half price and were about $80…in the the 1980s!. I still have the top sheet which I use for the top layer with the dogs. It got an ink stain a few years ago. I also have a very heavy duvet cover that is Ralph Lauren. I’ve had it about 25 years.

I just looked, Ralph Lauren online has a set of percale sheets on sale for 134.40. I wouldn’t spend that much without seeing the sheets in person, but it could be what you want. The good thing about the line is that the flat, top and pillowcases are sold separately so you don’t have to buy a whole new set if one item gets ruined. There are certainly listings here whose prices can justify this price sheet.


Thanks. I’m really going to look for them. Actually this is what I personally like. I realize that my guests might like the soft ones. What if they complain they are too scratchy? Did you guys had any comments about the sheets? I personally like the starched, heavy ones that grandma used to have but i cant find them anywhere nowadays. And those were durable.

I get rave reviews about the bed. I think they mean the mattress but if the sheets were undesirable that would detract of course. I like the lighter sateen because it drys so much faster. But in the winter I use a little bit heavier sheet. There is one inexpensive sheet I got at Costco that was cotton but not the sateen. It’s another brand with a print they have a few times a year. I quit trying them because there is something about them I don’t like. Kind of scratchy. But still no guests complained.

We refuse to buy white sheets. We are not a hotel, we are the best homestay experience our guests will ever have. We buy pastels that match the décor of our listing – but never put out mis-matched sets. We buy nice, but inexpensive, sets from a regional seller called Beall’s who have an entire line of “seaside” linens, furnishings, decorative items and more.

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There are many threads on sheets.


Pun intended?


I had to LOL at this!


I love Ralph Lauren sheets too. I have managed to source them for our and str use at resale/ etsy, ebay/ 2nd hand. They only get better, softer, more luxurious feeling with time, don’t ever pill or hold spots. Unbelievably people toss these out when they are still in the packaging or just the perfect softness. I have also found brand new at discounted, deeply discounted, see places above. They are often discontinued patterns. I make duvet covers out of 2 Flat sheets, and buy hi end Wamsutta at Bed+ Bath for the Fitted. If you can sew its easy to make pillow cases out of flat sheets and much more economical than buying them at hi-end.

Pima cotton is the next best being super long (for strength and no pilling) staple (fiber) . Its Peruvian. Supima also is good. That is the American grown Pima. I hate rough sheets. There are High TC count sheets that are cheap, because they are made from inferior cotton.

who knows? Maybe I will have to switch the trailer bed to all white. My guests right now are loving the bed, they say…


omg the dreaded duvet question…
My guests who had a beautiful goose down duvet inside a Ralph Lauren duvet cover and bottom fitted sheet, (with no top sheet)) slept on top of that duvet and under just a (thin summer weight cover, was provided for extra) wool blanket inside a duvet cover.

Wellwaddyaknow, they kept saying the bed was fabulous and had the heater on all night<><>!!!

I think I will have to provide the top sheet option…btw they were really nice, and I hope appreciative, say they want to come back etc…

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We use all cotton percale sheets. My favorites were Martha Stewart at Macy’s, but she quit making that line. My favorite is now the Peru Pima ordered on Amazon. I buy them when there’s a sale.


I prefer Percale because of comfortable stuff. Cotton sheets are also easy to grip on beds. If you are asking about brands then SHEEX is a quality one especially I love their SHEEX Micro BALANCE.

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LOL!! I want to say Yes, but really No. but seriously, there are many forum threads and the buying of sheets. At least two just in the last month or so. To say “I only saw one” is to have not really looked.

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You turned me on to these sheets and I must say that I did NOT like the hand until I washed them a couple times and now they are FANTASTIC.


Which? I assume the Amazon Peru Pima but making sure. I’d like to get some percale for summer.

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